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An organizing “fail”- turned out to be an organizing “win” with a simple re-configuration


Please excuse the photos, it was pretty difficult to get a good shot in such a tight space. With having an older home, that’s only 1200 square feet; managing shoes and jackets can be difficult in a very small space. As you can see in the picture above, the amount of space available for our main door we use everyday, is very limited.  I really wish this was a paid advertisement, unfortunately, the folks over at Ikea don’t know I exist. But, when it comes to smart storage for a pretty good price, I typically head over to just to see what they have.

About 7-8 months I made a purchase from ikea to assist with managing 5 family members shoes. It was a smart decision, however, the layout I initially chose for my Ikea storage bins didn’t work out too well. So let’s take a peak…

DSC_1005_LIDSC_0983I initially thought that I would keep the already used boot tray and place 2 of my 6 bins on the wall facing you as you walk in (I could only use 2 because i have a small door that is connected to the laundry-shoot).  The staircase headed to the basement also had a ledge, where I thought 3 of my 6 ikea bins would fit nicely and work well. They did work well, until it became winter time. Winter time, meant having multiple jackets hanging by my side door. With everyone having fairly large winter jackets, I noticed there was an  “over-lap” on top of my shoe storage. Which made things difficult for gathering shoes in and out. The boot tray also took up valuable floor space when going in and out of the house. Having little ones with me, there was tripping, pushing, and certainly not streamlined or functional with coming or going. DSC_0992_LI

So with my handy drill, screw driver’s, wall putty, and some left-over paint that matches my walls; I took everything down, patched my walls, and re-configured the space.

And here are the results…


I simply used the vertical space available, minimized clutter, and streamlined heading out the door. With my newly opened up floor space (with removing the boot tray) I was able to place this “pint-sized” chair for my kiddo’s to sit down and put on their shoes.

Overall I love it, with it being a good functional system. Each bin/drawer can hold about 4-5 pairs of the toddler sized shoes and 2-3 pairs of adult sized shoes (obviously depending on the type of shoe)

If anyone wants to take a look at these units. Head over to and search for “Trones”. I purchased mine online and they run about $40.00 per package. With x3 bins per package.  I’m currently only using 5 of the 6 I bought. I still haven’t found a home yet for the 6th Trone, however, I am sure I will sometime soon.

Sometimes organizing systems in certain areas in your home can turn out great, and sometimes they can turn out to be epic fails. Coming up with systems that look great and are functional to use in each space is so important. If your system is user friendly it’s so much easier to maintain that system in place.

I would love to hear about any of your organizing “wins” and “fails”. Feel free to leave a comment or message me.


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