I am beyond excited that I have finally started this new chapter in my life. I have been someone that has purely enjoyed cleaning, organizing, and decorating my home. I’ve spent countless nights browsing over  many…many blogs for inspiration. And now, I get to contribute to my own! (Which is just awesome-sauce)

Prior to starting this blog, I set some personal/professional goals for me to achieve. The first goal, was to start publishing content by March 1, 2018. Which im happy to report, I was able to achieve. My 2nd goal was to reach an audience of more than just 1 person. I’m very happy to report that my content has been viewed over a hundred times!!! Some people might say, oh that’s not that big of a deal. For me it’s a HUGE deal! So I just want to say Thank You!


My hope is for everyone to continue to stop by to check things out!

See you guys soon


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