Makeup Organization

In our small home, we currently only have 1.5 bathrooms (which are really…really small). Having 5 people with limited bathrooms and limited space means there are some fighting over the amount of time spent in the bathroom.  I also tend to wear make-up on a daily basis. Wearing make-up might seem like a vain thing to do, however, it does make me feel better about myself, and helps me feel more capable to tackle the day ahead of me. Having 3 kids, busy schedules, and just everyday chaos, does not mean I get to spend huge amounts of time in the bathroom, especially for applying make-up.  My morning and makeup routine runs so much smoother after I organized and streamlined everything.


Divide and Conquer

Having things sperated and everything having a home, means that I’m able to locate things a lot faster. Just imagine if everything was just “dumped” in this drawer. It would take me a lot longer to find what I need. Adding trays was easy and inexpensive. These trays also function well in multiple areas around my home. It could help tackle junk drawers, jewelry drawers, pencil drawers, kitchen drawers, and etc. I typically ask the question when buying organizing products for my home, “can this be used in more than one place?” Asking that question allows me to re-purpose items in different areas throughout my home whenever something changes.



This battery operated lighted mirror has also made applying my make-up so much easier. It was an inexpensive find at Target!!


My make-up table sits right next to my bed, which doubles as a night stand. One piece of furniture with 2 seperate functions= awesome. I recently turned my make-up table to sit at an angle. Doing this has allowed a little more light in from the window. Dealing with 3 kids, I need all the light and help I can get!!!

See you guys soon while I attempt to Make Chaos Graceful!



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