An Updated Kids Bedroom

A shared Boy & Girl Bedroom


Having a small home, with only 3 bedrooms and 3 kids, means that someone will have to share bedroom. It turns out that my 2 toddler’s (one boy and one girl) needed to be the ones to share a bedroom. The kids are perfectly fine sharing a bedroom, in fact, they love it. They certainly love waking up together and getting into mischief together.

When the baby of the family needed to finally upgrade from a crib to a bed, I decided that it was a good plan to get the kids some bunk-beds. For the most part the bunk beds were great, however, having to change bed linens every week was a challenge.  We did put their kitchen play set in their bedroom as well, but it turns out, they couldn’t be left unattended with this in the room (specifically at night time). There were many nights I would find this kitchen set pushed against the bunk beds with both of them climbing on/off onto the top bunk.  It was certainly a safety concern, we didn’t want anyone to fall and hit their head!

Lets take a look at how things looked with the bunk beds. (The kitchen play set had to be removed prior to these photos)



The bookshelf above served as toy storage. The dresser below, we used as clothing storage and a changing table.  I added some hanging baskets for some extra storage, and easy access for diapers, wipes, creams, and lotions.

This space looks good “as is”, however, we have 2 CRAZY and WILD toddlers. We needed to find a different lay-out and solution to some of our issues with the space. We ended up getting rid of the bookshelf and swapping dresser’s in order to have more available floor space.

My husband, had recently been given some bed-frames from his child-hood that would work a little better for our space. So we decided to change things up.   I also decided to add new bedding and a fun rug to the space as well. I snagged this rug for a really good price at Given the fact, that this is a shared Boy/Girl bedroom, this rug had neutral, pink, and dark blue colors. I thought it had a good mix of colors for both my Little Miss and Baby Boy.

New Rug= Game Changer


I mean…… I really “heart” this rug!!! You should have heard our 2 toddlers the first night we put it down. They just kept walking in circles saying “wow—-WOW—–WOW”. I felt so happy given their reaction.



This bunk bed, is a lot lower to the ground, which meant it was a lot safer for our kids. We also decided to create a “play-area” underneath to discourage any “climbing” from the top bed. I am very happy to report, that since this change was made, they have played with their kitchen set appropriately.  I have plans to add a curtain around the edges to go underneath Little Miss’s bed to create more of a “play-house” area. I’ve spotted some posts on Pinterest that I am dying to try. I’m pretty sure I will be using a tension-rod to add the curtains underneath. I certainly don’t want to put an “permanent holes” into this bedframe. It is from my husband’s childhood, so it does have some sentimental value. The other bed is on wheels, so it can easily be moved or re-positioned if things need to be changed again.


The bedding I snagged Target for a really good price. The charcoal color quilts were able to give the space a more “uniformed” look, which goes a long way in a small home. I also added some faux fur blankets that add texture, color, and comfort!! Oh… those throw blankets are sooooooo soft!! The items I pick for my home have to look good, function well, budget-friendly, and provide comfort!! Comfort is so important when furnishing and curating my home.



The plan as of now, is to add some much needed wall décor. I’m gonna try my hand at some large DIY paper flowers. This will hopefully be added to the wall over Little Miss’s bed.  We’ll see if the project turns out either a success, or a big flop. Fingers crossed that it will be a success!!

Keep following along to see how my wall décor treatments turn out. I also have plans to show everyone the “dresser swap”. But there are some plans headed down the road for both of those dressers.

My best advice for decorating and curating your home, is to purchase items that will work in more than just one space. Find items that can be moved around within your home to either change the décor or change the function.  Let me know what you think of the space. Have any of you, re-configured some of your spaces? More to come on Making Chaos Graceful.



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  1. Wow I really like what you did with that room ! You should offer a service to go into peoples homes and help them with there decor.

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