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Renter Friendly Closet Upgrade

Having two adults sharing a very small closet, means that I need to maximize the space available. When I first moved into this home, our closet had bi-folding doors, that made things very difficult with reaching and gathering items on either side. So we decided to remove the bi-folding doors and added some curtains with a tension rod. This simple, and inexpensive switch made things easier to reach and made our items more visible. The curtains might not be for everyone, however, it made our space more functional with our items more visible.


We also needed to maximize the space within out closet. When we first moved in, we decided to hang a fabric shelving system along with a half lower rod.


It served a purpose, but I never truly “loved” it. I knew that this space had more potential to improve its functionality. I searched the internet to help find a solution. I did look at permanent closet systems, however, they were pricey. I also had reservations about making something “permanent” just in case it didn’t function well. So I decided to go with a system that would function well and “less permanent”.  I found this mesh drawer system online, however, I wanted to see it in person, so I headed to my favorite store.


After I saw my “none permanent” drawer system in person, I decided to take it home and put it to work. After 30 minutes, my drawer system was put together.

DSC_0051 DSC_0066




With a simple switch, I was able to more than double our closet storage capacity. This drawer system is actually two separate units that I was able to connect and stack on top of each other. Given the fact that these are two separate units, I could always disconnect these units and place them side by side, if my needs change.   Since this isn’t a permanent solution, that mean’s it’s great for renter’s and can be taken with us if we choose to move.

Don’t Forget This Important Step

I have organized many…. many area’s in my home. I have bought drawer systems, fabric shelving units, and countless bins/baskets. My best piece of advice when organizing an area in your home is to MEASURE!! I have made that rookie mistake of not measuring many… many times. Prior to purchasing this drawer system, I made sure to measure!! I measured and double checked those measurements just to make sure that my system would fit nicely. Double checking your measurements will always be a smart decision when making an intentional purchase. Placing painter’s tape on the floor and walls can also be a great visual aide to see how something will fit in your space. I hope my advice will help you make more intentional purchases when organizing your spaces.

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