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Enter at your own risk!!!


I still can’t believe I have a teenager!! My oldest just turned 14 over the weekend. With his birthday approaching, I knew I wanted to upgrade his bedding along with a new rug. He really never had a formal rug and his previous bedding has been with him for several years (it was time to upgrade).  When we first moved into this three bedroom home, my son had his first pick for which bedroom he would “claim”. The smallest bedroom was actually a very quaint Nursery with my oldest having the larger bedroom. When baby #3 came along, things had to change. That’s when we started the plan for a “Room Swap”.

My oldest had a formal bookshelf and toy-box in his larger bedroom. When we were planning for the room swap, neither of these items were going to be able to transition with him, so we had to get a little creative with our storage options. Let’s check out his new bedding and rug!


This rug and bedding has really helped his bedroom look more mature. If you can’t tell, I have a thing for quilts. All of our beds have quilts. Why quilts?? Well, they hold up very well over time. All of my children are CRAZY, and I want the items I pick for my home to not only look good, but hold up against their chaos. I can also easily put these quilts right into my washer machine for easy clean-up as well. The rug was actually another Overstock.com score. I really wish this was a sponsored post, but unfortunately not. Maybe one day!! I typically almost always check out Overstock when I’m in need for a new rug. They have some really great stuff for really good prices. (I’m always on the hunt for a good deal)

Storage solutions

I have used this next storage option for a very long time actually. In fact, everywhere I have ever lived have all been in small homes. Maximizing under-bed storage has worked very well in the past. I still use several containers under my bed, so I wanted to grab a few containers for under his bed as well. I actually truly love the containers I chose for his under-bed storage because not only are they very large, but their lids open up in 2 different options. I could either pull the whole container out from under the bed and lift the entire lid off or pull out only half of the container and open just half of the lid. In the pictures below, I only have half of the container pulled out. I was able to fit x2 of these containers under his bed. I grabbed these containers from my local Lowe’s.




I also wanted to give him an option for his book storage. So I decided to grab a couple of spice racks (from Ikea) and turned those into some book-shelves. When I ordered them, they came in a raw/natural wood tone. I could have stained them, however, I opted to give them a coat of black paint. I think they turned out very nicely.


His dresser was a local consignment shop find that I scored for a really good price.



Overall, I say that his room functions very well. We were able to pack charm and alot of storage in a very small space. See you next time as I continue to Make Chaos Graceful.


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  1. I like the sign beware so true with Teenagers ! I also like the spice rack , I guess you could say you are trying to “spice” the place up !

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