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DIY Wreath

I love a good wreath hanging on my front door and throughout my home. It has been a home decoration that I can change very easily with the different seasons. I typically don’t have a large collection of home decorations anyway, so changing my wreaths do have a big impact. Given the fact that I love wreaths, I don’t like some of the price-tags that come with some of pre-made and pre-fabricated ones. I also love to have floral treatments around my home, having faux flowers allows me to accomplish this (I do not have a green thumb). I recently snagged the florals for this wreath at Michael’s for 50% off. SCORE!

DIY Spring Inspired Wreath Supplies:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Faux Greenery or Faux flowers
  • wire cuter
  • wreath wire
  • Wreath Door hanger or command hook



Typically with all of my wreath’s I make, I usually stick with the “grapevine” for my base. I really love the grapevine, because not only do they offer great texture, but they last a very long time. Grapevine wreaths also can be snagged for various sizes at really good prices. I typically pay about 5-8$ per grapevine wreath. I do shop my local craft stores frequently, and I am always on the hunt for sales. The tools I typically use, are some needle nose pliers with a built-in wire-cutting feature and wreath wire. Both of those items can also be found at a local craft store. If anybody is interested in the craft stores I frequent= Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Pat Catan’s. Each of these stores typically almost always have a sale going on. I recently picked up some Wall Décor items at Hobby Lobby (for the kids bedroom) with all Wall Décor marked 50% off. (SCORE)


Here are two bundles of faux flowers. I typically take my craft pliers and separate all of the flowers until they’re just single stems.


Once I have everything separated, I start to just lay everything out on my wreath until I choose a pattern. Once a pattern has been picked, I wedge each stem in-between the grapevine. To make things more permanent, I will take my wire and wrap the wire around each stem to secure in place on my wreath. If I need to make things even more secure—- I will get out my craft glue gun, especially if your item has little—- to no stem to wedge in-between the wreath.


I do tend to steal A LOT of wreath idea’s from Pinterest. That place has sooooo many great idea’s. The ribbon on this wreath came from another blog that I follow (Nesting with Grace). If you wanted to check out her blog and my wreath inspiration, check out this blog. I probably spend way too much time looking at her blog, she has some really great home decorations/ideas for living in a small home as well.



With the ribbon I just cut different lengths and had 3 ribbons in a bundle. Each bundle I secured them to the back of the wreath with wire. Overall this wreath was a pretty easy DIY for a pretty good price. Thanks for stopping by to check things out. See you next time as I try to Make Chaos Graceful!



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