Command Strip & Hook Love

Do you have decorating commitment issues??? Fear not, command strips & hooks have certainly changed my decorating commitment issues. Command hooks have also helped my family remain functional.




I have multiple baskets hanging throughout my home too. If you’ve ever been to my home, these baskets have probably been moved around in different area’s, multiple times. Using a command strip/hook, gives me that option to move things around more easily without fear of damaging my walls or making permanent holes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t use command hooks for all my wall décor, my hanging photo’s shown above, they are hung with nails and a picture hook, like this one.

I also obviously hung this mirror in a proper manner with making permanent holes, however, here is another faux boxwood wreath, that is secured with command hook.




DSC_1198There are several different versions that Command strips, but these are my current favorites.


These baskets, have also been shifted around several times.


Command hooks also helps to keep things functional in the bathroom. Both of my toddlers require a stepping stool in order to reach the bathroom sink, my command hooks keeps a collapsible stepping stool secured to the inside of the bathroom cabinet. I would love to have a wood stepping stool left out, however, my bathroom floor space is very limited. I know it isn’t the most pleasant photo, however, command hooks also keep my toddler’s commode seat secured on the side of the commode.

In the master bedroom, a star burst mirror is secured to the wall with a command hook. This is probably the second mirror that I’ve shifted around.


In my previous post about my DIY spring wreath, a command hook was one my recommendations to hang wreaths.


Don’t get me wrong, you can’t just hang anything with command hooks, but most items that are pretty light in weight, typically will hang very easily. These command hooks are also renter friendly, when you want to decorate without damaging your walls. I hope, I was able to inspire some of you to get a little creative with some decorations around your home.



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  1. What a nice idea ! I am all about not doing damage to walls as they become an eye sore and need repairing. and no matter how good you are with the sheet rock mud it is hard to match paint. so this lead to painting the entire room just to repair one spot !

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