Spring is Officially Sprung

If any of you, know me personally, you know that I do not have a green thumb. In order to get my “greenery fix” around the house, I typically turn to faux plants & flowers. Having faux flowers and greenery spread around my home does typically make things more cheery. Now that Spring is “officially” here, I’ve been wanting to add some sort of table decoration. I’ve been wanting something to be placed on my table that is long, narrow, and has a low profile. I was just browsing around at my local hobby lobby and noticed that they had a sale going on for all metal décor accents (50% off). I spotted a metal tub that I knew it’s what I’ve been wanting. When I picked it up, I also noticed that all 4 legs had some pretty sharp edges. If this was gonna be on my table, it was more than likely gonna scratch my table because all the legs had sharp edges. I knew I had to make a minor adjustment to it when I brought it home. My minor adjustment, was adding some little pads to each leg with a glue gun. Lets take a look DSC_1046

You really can’t tell in the picture above, but trust me—- there were little spikes in the metal that was certainly sharp when you touched it.


So I warmed up my glue gun and added just a small little patch to each leg. Once the glue was dry, each patch gave just the right amount of cushion/protection so nothing would get damaged.


After the glue was dry, it was time to add some of my faux flowers that I always keep in supply (for my wreaths).


I could have added a foam insert to push each flower into, to make everything more secure, but I just opted to bend each stem. It worked out nicely.


I love how my little metal tub, matches my metal chairs.

DSC_1086DSC_1114DSC_1102 (2)DSC_1077DSC_1095


My glue patches, are a little noticeable, however, it’s something I’m willing to live with. I would much rather have a glue patch versus a permanent scratch on my table. Its been on my table for a few days now, and I have certainly enjoyed having the flowers out. See you next time has I try to make chaos graceful.



2 thoughts on “Spring is Officially Sprung

  1. Good idea to protect the table. dont put the flowers to close to those cows on the wall they might try to eat them ! I love the cow photo cant say I have seen that in many places something different.

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