Goodbye Mirror

Most of the time, adding a mirror can have a pretty good effect to a room. But there is such a thing that’s called, having one too many mirrors. My master bedroom fell victim to having one too many mirrors. In this previous post, I talked about a dresser swap from our bedroom to the kid’s bedroom. The kids used to have a more traditional dresser with built-in mirror. When it was in their room, having the mirror on the dresser worked out pretty well, because it was the only mirror in the room. Our previous dresser (now the kids dresser) was an Armoire, that was actually from my child hood. Both dresser’s are built pretty well and have definitely passed the test of time.

Sometimes moving furniture around your home and making minor changes to your furniture can “breath” new life into your room.  In my case, it was removing the mirror (which was a pretty simple change) This will be the 2nd change I’ve made to this dresser—— about 8 years ago, this dresser received an upgrade for the drawer pulls. There were some really old really BRASS drawer handles that just had to go. I went to my local Lowes, and found some drawer pulls that gave it just enough of a face lift that made a pretty big change. Sometimes, making small changes can really have a big impact.

As you can tell in the picture below, I have a full length mirror (to the left) next to the dresser. With my full length mirror, my star burst mirror (over the bed) and my mirrors on my make-up table, everything was too visually distracting.


I also recently added a textured table runner to the top of the dresser (to cover up some minor blemishes. When I placed my new runner on the dresser, I noticed that it clashed with our previous lamp. This was actually a blessing in disguise, because my teenager has a lamp on his dresser that is pretty cheap. I decided to purchase a new lamp, and the lamp in the picture above was able to be shifted to his room, where it perfectly blends in with his decor. Lets take a look at the removal of the mirror and a new lamp.


I do feel another project coming on…… There are one too many mixing of metals going on, so I might give this fan (pictured above) a paint job to change it to either gold or silver. I am kind leaning towards gold.  My new lamp and ring dish are some purchases that I’ve made outside of my comfort zone, that have hints of gold. I have really never been into “the gold trend”, however, I do find myself often drawn to liking gold accents on some of the blogs I follow. One of those blogs I follow =Room for Tuesday, recently did a blog post on her remodeled bathroom, and I kinda had major heart eyes over her shower head—— and her faucet—— and her light fixture—– and the floor. OK—-  I kinda have heart eyes for the whole bathroom. If anyone wants to take a look at her bathroom, it is this post.


Overall—- just know that it is “OK” to move furniture from room to room. And it is “OK” to give your furniture either a facelift or minor change. With some of the changes I’ve made to this dresser, it has made a big impact and make things feel “like new” even though it’s the same old dresser. Thanks for stopping by!!



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