Wall Décor for the Kids Space

In a previous post, I shared my toddlers shared bedroom. There was some major furniture rearrangement and a new rug. There were a lot of changes made, however, they still needed some wall décor. While I was at Hobby Lobby the other week, they had a sale going on for all Wall décor on sale for 50% off. I know in my previous post, I did talk about my wanting to attempt to DIY some large wall paper flowers, however, when you live in a very busy and chaotic world—- (and finding some very reasonably priced 50% off large wall flowers) I couldn’t say no.


If you can spot it—– All of these flowers are attached to the wall with a command hook. I talked a lot about my love for commode hooks/strips in this previous post.




I was able to snag a picture that I love. It certainly says a lot about how I feel about my little girl.


The baby also received a little something as well. He received a rustic letter for his first name.



I would say that they kids are still in love with their new rug. They do spend a little more time in their room playing and lounging around on the floor. I still have plans to add some sort of curtains around the underside of my Little Misses bunk bed.


Thanks for stopping by!! Decorating your home, and trying to figure out what works for your space is certainly a process. See you next time, for more on attempting to Make Chaos Graceful.

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