My Trip to Washington DC last year

Around this time last year, my oldest son and I, were gearing up to take a very fun-filled trip to Washington DC. We took our trip and met my childhood best friend along with her oldest son. This trip was so fun and was packed with a lot of fun places to see and things to do. This trip also had some traveling “firsts” that turned out to be very enjoyable.

Traveling First———- Traveling by Train


Let’s face it, when you travel somewhere, you typically either drive or fly, which is very stressful for either option. When we were planning our trip, we wanted to stay downtown and knew that we didn’t want to worry with having to manage a car.  With that being said, we decided to check out Train ticket prices. I was pleasantly surprised over how cost effect the tickets were. Given that our trip would be an 11 hour trip from Ohio to DC, when the day came to finalize our trip, I did end up splurging a little with booking a private cart. A private cart was basically a very small room that had two seats with the option of converting items into 2 bunk beds, that also included one meal within our tickets.

The only “con” for traveling by train, was that we were forced to meet the time-frame for when the train was at our train stop. Our pick-up time was around 1:30am. (yes…. it was late/really early) Having that private cart worked out really nicely. When we boarded, they had two beds ready for use to crawl into to sleep until it was morning time.  When we woke up, we had to pick our time to eat breakfast. When it was our time to eat, we had to go to the dining cart, that had a very large selection of items. It was certainly a good breakfast.




Traveling by train was so enjoyable and relaxing. I would do it again in a heart beat. When we arrived at DC, I was completely blown away over how gorgeous the train station was.


Another Traveling First—————— Booking through Air B n B

When we first started planning for our trip, I checked out some hotel prices (which were very expensive). So I decided to step outside my comfort zone and check out some places on Air B n B. They had some really great listings, for some really good prices. (I am one to always have my budget in mind). The place we got, was around a mile away from the train station.


Overall, the place we found was pretty cool for a pretty good price. It was a 2 bedroom that had a sleeper sofa. If I had to book something with Air B n B again, I would certainly do it again.

DC has so many cool things to see and do.

The DC National Zoo


National Monuments



View of the White House


The National Museum of Air and Space


The Smithsonian—- National Museum of National History



My absolute favorite was the National Cathedral


Words cannot describe, how beautiful this was place.

Best piece of advice

Have some really great walking shoes and carry a light bag. There were so many things to do and see. We certainly did not get to do everything that we wanted, but I am hopeful to plan another trip to go there again sometime soon.











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