Weekend Trip to my Home Town

My home town is good old Danville, Virginia. I originally moved away from my home town (almost) 8 years ago. Moving away was certainly one of the most uncertain and scariest things I have ever done, but in the end, it has turned out to be a good decision. It feels like yesterday, I packed that moving truck and took a one way trip to Ohio.  Even though I live in Ohio, I still refer to “home”, is being Virginia.

This quick weekend trip turned out to be a photo shoot, and checking out some cool local spots that I used to always frequent. Every time I visit my home town, I am always drawn to the downtown area. That place has been really making gains with new shops and cool restaurants recently. One place is certainly my favorite, is the Community Market. They always have cool events and venues going on.



Another favorite place I always enjoy is, The Crossing. They have a really cool bridge that crosses over the river that leads to a very scenic trail along the river. When I lived here, this was where I went for my regular jog. When the weather is nice, there is small outdoor pavilion, (that’s right next to this bridge) where they have outdoor concerts regularly.


Every time I am in town, I also enjoy my time with my one and only sister. One thing I can always count on, is having a really good laugh every time we are together. DSC_0849DSC_0845DSC_0860

The downtown area certainly has a lot of charm and history. They added a trolley system that you can catch for a tour or go do some local shopping.



Rent a bike to check out the downtown area.


There are quite a few new local restaurants that I have been able to check out on some of my trips, but unfortunately not this trip. Maybe next time—- and I will bring my camera!


Every time I travel between Virginia and Ohio, I always take the route that leads me through the mountains. One of my favorite stops is called Lover’s Leap. The morning I left, we woke up to some snow that certainly left a beautiful layer across the valley at Lover’s Leap.


I don’t have any trips to my hometown on the “books” just yet. But I am sure I will be there to visit again soon. Back to Making Chaos Graceful!



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