Kitchen Series: Demo and Cabinet Prep

We currently live in an older Colonial style home that was built-in 1952.  When I purchased this home (5 years ago) I knew that I was going to have to make upgrades as time went along, given that’s it’s an older home. So far, we have painted many area’s throughout the home. Paint is such a simple change that can have a huge impact on any room. We have also re-tiled the shower, re-painted and water proofed the basement, and other small cosmetic changes around the house.  It was time to make a change in the kitchen.

When I bought this home, I could tell that the kitchen did receive a face-lift with previous owners re-painting the kitchen cabinet doors, however, the inside of the cabinets didn’t look too great. Someone had installed a horrible looking wallpaper on the shelves (probably a long time ago) on pretty much all of the inside of the cabinets. Someone else came along and tried to rip it all out, and apparently gave up because we had cabinets with partially torn wallpaper all over the shelves. I did a quick fix and added shelf liner to cover up the partially ripped wallpaper, however, the cabinet bases had a lot of spots of chipping paint, that kinda drove me crazy.  It was time for a change.

When it was time to start demo on the kitchen, my husband and I worked as a team. He started to rip out the terrible tile back-splash and I grabbed a scraper and started getting rid of the wall-paper. I had to do some research on the best way to get this wall-paper pulled up. I chose to go with the method of mixing fabric softener with water and placed that into a spray bottle.


I quickly learned that everything would come up a lot easier if I sprayed an area, let it sit for a few minutes, then start scrapping.


A big portion was scrapped off pretty easily, but some area’s, I had to really work hard to get it up.




All my hard work payed off, when I had all of this wall-paper completly taken off. I knew I had to get everything scrapped off because we had plans to re-paint all of cabinets on the outside and inside.

The tile back-splash, I never loved. I actually really hated it. I was so happy that this was getting taken out. We also had a over-the-range microwave that had so much grime on it. It was time for it to go as well. When we pulled it out, we eventually found out, that it had been installed, not to fire-code. Typically, over-the-range microwaves have to be installed with a plug-in electrical socket, that’s in the cabinet above the microwave. We didn’t have this. It was plugged into an extension cord that ran along the wall, behind the refrigerator, and plugged in on an opposite wall. I am glad we found this out, so when can get it fixed.


Goodbye grimy microwave


Goodbye awful tile!


First night of demo included ripping out wall-paper out of the cabinets, ripping out old tile, and begin wall prep for the new tile. Wall prep included adding new backer-board. I also took off all the kitchen door/drawer hard-ware, and filled those holes with wood filer. We planned on changing all of the hardware as well.


Can anyone else spot a miniature poodle, wondering what the heck is going on with all of this mess?!?!


Watch out for more, Kitchen Series—-posts. I will share everything on how we updated our old and outdated kitchen. Everything included in this Kitchen Series is all things DIY!!! (Do it yourself).




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