We just needed some SUN!

Sometimes life can be so busy and stressful at times, with running errands, managing work, taking care of the house, kids, etc. I need to try to do a better job at pushing the “pause button” and just have a little fun and just simply enjoy life. The weather up here in Ohio, can get a little crazy at times, so when the Weather Channel called for a sunny day and  81* weather, we pressed pause on our day-to-day tasks and packed our bags to head to the park.


When we got home, my Little Miss and I decided to take a little Mother Daughter photo- shoot. She loves to take pictures, and certainly loves to be in them.


This next picture just cracks me up—- such a goofball. DSC_0574

My current favorite thing to wear—- Skinny Jeans, Converse Shoes, and my favorite Blush Top from Charolette Russe.


We had such a good time. We just needed to get out and enjoy the SUN!! Unfortunately—- the Weather Channel is calling for some snow on Monday. Ugh—– Dear, Mother Nature—- please stop being so confused.




2 thoughts on “We just needed some SUN!

  1. Aw yes a get away day ! When you put all of life’s cares and other stuff on the back burner and just enjoy life.

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