Kitchen Series: Small Kitchen Organization

Welcome back to my kitchen series!! I talked about my new sink, faucet, and butcher block counter tops in this previous post. I wanted to share how I organize my small kitchen along with some under-cabinet lighting without it being hardwired.

Here is a view of my new counter tops! I am so in love!!


I purchased my under cabinet lighting on Amazon. If your interested, you can check that out, here.

My new lights came with a magnetic strip that is attached to my cabinets with some strong adhesive stickers (similar to command hook strips) The magnetic strip stays in place, while the lights can easily be removed.


My under cabinet lights are rechargeable!! Some lights similar to these typically operate on batteries, which have to be replaced often. I was happy to find an option that can be re-charged. They come with a USB cord that I easily connect to my computer. They  are easily removed and need just a short period of time to charge, and then they can just be returned back onto the magnetic strip.


So far I really like them, and would  certainly recommend them if anyone was looking. The light has 3 settings for the switch.

  • Off
  • On— which delivers constant light
  • “G”— which is motion activated. This setting is great and saves the battery

Kitchen Organizers

Typically when I organize a space I will:

  • sort,
  • purge
  • make a plan
  • organize like items

Whenever I organize a space I also try to “shop my home” before making a purchase on containers.I had a basket that needed a new home—– it fit perfectly in this large bottom drawer. It helped my organize a few cleaning supplies.



With these cabinets being older cabinets. I do have some odd sized cabinets with odd depths/heights. Finding bins and baskets to fit my space has taken some time. I found these at target and organized multiple items throughout my kitchen.

Pro Tip: finding bins, baskets, and container’s will ultimately save space and save time when looking for items. When possible, it’s best to remove items from their original  packages. 


Under the Kitchen Sink —- Trust me—– it was a big mess down here prior to re-painting everything.


Pantry Organization

These next few containers, I have actually had for a few years. I cannot rave more about them. I have them in my cabinets and in my refrigerator. They offer versatile storage and make good use of vertical space. The Container Store sells them in a few different sizes. I really don’t have a designated pantry—- so I am limited to using a few designated cabinets for pantry supplies. These container’s make good use of vertical space to maximize storage.  The container’s with the handles sit on the top shelf that’s hard to reach——with the handle, it makes it easy to grab what I need.



I purchased this bamboo drawer organizer for my utensils from Target.


In the picture below, I purchased a few more of these bamboo organizers to separate some cooking utensils. I also bought a generic Knife docking drawer organizer. I previously had a knife block on the counter top, however, with my new butcher block counter tops, I wanted to minimize the amount of clutter.



I hope I gave everyone a few organizing options if you have a small kitchen like me!






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