DIY Spring Wreath

I don’t know if anyone has realized yet. But I do have a thing for wreaths. Pretty much all of my wreaths, have all been DIY projects. So I am here to bring you another DIY wreath for my side door.

Typically, I always have a plan in the back of my head, when I set out to make a wreath. Sometimes those plans work out great, and sometimes not. Today was one of those days, where my original plan didn’t work out too great. Around Christmas time, I bought a metal sign with a cute little phrase that says, “together we have it all”. I had originally planned on hanging it somewhere in the house, however, everywhere I placed it, it looked too small. So I decided to see how it looked on a wreath.  Well, that didn’t work out too great either because it was too big. I really like the metal sign, so I think I am gonna have to come up with a plan “C” for it.

My last wreath I made, I really liked the hanging ribbon, so I decided to go with that look again. As always, I start with my typical tools and grapevine wreath.


You can see my sign in the next picture, which is just a little too big.


I took my pliers, that has a built-in wire cutter, and snipped all of the flowers to separate everything. When I am trying to decide the look I am going for, I tend to just lay everything on top of the wreath. Once I have decided the look and pattern, I will start to wedge everything in-between the grapevine wreath. DSC_0652

Next, I will secure everything with wreath wire. The picture above, shows a slight difference with how I have things secured to the wreath. The left side shows my faux boxwood clippings secured with wire, while the right side has just been wedged in between the grapevine.


If you look closely, you can see the wire. As the project progresses, I tend to make sure I lay all my products, and try to hide the wire as best as I can.


After the faux boxwood clippings were secure, I started to weave some very small little white flowers in-between everything.



I try to achieve a more layered look with the ribbon, I cut 3 varying lengths of ribbon and basically stapled them together and secured them to the back of the wreath with more wire.



This is photographed on my front door, however, this is intended for my side door. There are some much-needed decisions that need to be made about my side door. Currently my side door is painted white, either I re-paint it white again, or I will be painting it black. I haven’t figured that out just yet. You will have to stick around to see!!



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