Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

Paint is truly such a simple upgrade that can truly make a big impact to whatever your painting. Whether you paint a wall, a room, kitchen cabinets, a dresser, or even a basket. When I first moved into this house, one of the first things that I painted was the face of my fireplace.

Sorry for the not-so-great photo. This picture was taken 5 years ago with my phone. Here is what I wanted to cover up. A really BRASS fireplace front.


Here we are today


There are a few places, where the paint has chipped a little. But for the most part, it still looks great. Painting the face of this fireplace, was really easy and made a really big impact for changing the whole look for this fireplace.  Since this is a high-heat area that I was painting. I did buy a special spray paint that was made to with-stand high temperatures. I used this spray paint that I grabbed at my local Lowes.

Change the look of a basket with some paint


If you are one of my reader’s, you have probably seen this basket before. It has been shifted around my home several times. Since the kitchen renovation and face-lift happened, I needed to find it a new spot. I like the basket’s size and shape, however, I have never been a fan of its color. This basket actually came in a bundle purchase. I purchased several wall hanging baskets from Etsy, for a really good price.

With this baskets new location—– It’s faded colors really stood out. I have a lot more black accents going on in this area, so I decided to take some black spray paint to change its look.

I took some painter’s tape and made an outline and pattern that I liked.


I spray painted it with only one coat. I hung it back in the same spot, and it looks like a totally new/different basket.



The Kids Room

In the kids room. I recently added some wall-hanging flowers. I loved the look, but it was  still lacking “something”. Making a simple change with adding a few more touches of greenery, really changed things, and gave me the look I was going for.






Change things around on your walls.

We recently painted an entire wall in our kitchen with chalkboard paint. We used this paint. I also found new spots for two of my boxwood wreaths.






The dresser, that I recently painted in this post, I really hated for a very long time. Ever since I painted it and changed its hardware, it really feels brand new, even though it’s the same-old dresser. My whole purpose for this post, is to let you know, that it is “OK” to give that dresser a fresh coat of paint, and it is OK to move things around to give your space/items new purpose. Making small changes throughout your home can make big impacts and it will help make your space feel “like-new” and can give your space that “fresh” feeling all over again.





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