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I have been living in my current house for about 5 years now. Each year that I have been here, I never truly put my back deck as a priority. Our back deck is certainly built well and is spacious, I just simply made purchases around the home that took more priority versus my back deck. This year will be the year that we actually do something with that space.  My post for today, I wanted to bring all of my reader’s along with how I create and design spaces around my home. Whenever I’m looking for some sort of inspiration about which direction I want to go in—- well I turn to the internet. I wanted to share just a few photos about which direction that I will be headed for my back deck dining table/chairs, and which platforms I use to gather inspiration from.


I just recently signed up for this app, and I kinda regret not signing up sooner. That place is full of beautiful images after another. You can pretty much follow anyone that inspires you and get to post your own stunning photos. I recently stumbled on the Urbanfarmstead— with this beautiful photo of his backyard and dining area.


I follow a number of blogs. Simply Kierste, is one that I like to follow and get inspiration from her entire home. Her outdoor space certainly caught my eye with the type of look that I would like to achieve.DIY-Stone-or-Brick-Patio-2-small-logo

Better Homes & Garden—

I have stalked this website (and gotten their magazines) for a very long time. You don’t have to be a subscriber to check things out on their website. I do get weekly emails from BHG that offer all kinds of inspiration. This image also caught my eye with the look I would like to achieve for my back deck.


Here is the exact post for the image above. This Post


I also have an account on Pinterest, you can follow me there if you like. If you have this app on your phone, they have a great function were you can pin images pretty much from anywhere on the internet. I pin images on a regular basis that offer me inspiration for ideas to do around the house.  I’ve been doing research on how to re-finish my back deck, and Pinterest is one of the first places I typically head to when I want some instructions. The only warning I have about using Pinterest, is that you can click on an image, (click it again) and it will lead you to the source of that image. You can gain some great instructions on how to do something or a project. Or…. you can click on an image, (click it again), and it will lead you to somewhere that is fake, not the true source, and can lead you in the wrong direction. So to all the Pinterest users, beware!! Do your due-diligence and make sure, you find the true source of your images. The images on Pinterest, sometimes leads you to no-where, like the one I found below. I Pined this image, pretty much because it looks great, and serves as inspiration for the look I want to achieve for my back deck.


This Pinned Image


We are currently in the process of building a back deck table, with dining chairs already ordered. I can’t wait to show you guys our finished space. In case your interested, I post/pin frequently on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Be sure to follow me, by clicking on the Icons below, at the bottom of this post.




All images above, are not mine, and were provided today for inspiration purposes only. I have provided links to all images shown above.

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