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I regularly browse and shop at multiple craft stores in the area. I can probably be seen at Hobby Lobby, Pat Catans, Joanne’s, and Michael’s at any given time. All of these stores regularly have sales going on, and one particular craft store outing (at Michael’s) I spotted a pretty sweet deal for these galvanized planters at 50% off.  The truth is, I’m really not sure if they are supposed to be outdoor planter’s or not, but that didn’t stop me from making them outdoor planters.


I snagged them for such a good price, I couldn’t resist.  First thing I did was drill some drainage holes in the bottom.


I added some loose rocks to weight them down and to help with their drainage.


I grabbed some of my potting soil and pretty much filled them almost all the way. During this whole process, I also grabbed my planter from last year, and planted some new flowers. This blue planter, I snagged from Big Lots for about 5$. I did the same with drilling holes into the bottom, last year. My flowers last year turned out pretty good, but apparently they didn’t like the winter months. Ha!


Yep—- my flowers from last year are dead. Embarrassing, I know. All it needed to do was removing some very dead stems, give the planter a good cleaning, and add some new flowers to re-plant. These annual pink flowers, I add them somewhere every year. They are pretty easy to maintain, and they cover the ground nicely when plated around the house. If you know me personally, you know that I do not have a green thumb, however, I  do have more luck with keeping outdoor plants alive, versus indoor. These pink flowers, I cant definitely keep alive.


My planter’s I picked up from Michael’s received some Boston Ferns.



Trust me, I do have some plans for my front porch steps. I plan on updating them with some paint, however, I am not sure on what colors. My front steps were painted previously, however, it hasn’t been done by me. So that means, these steps are well over-due for an upgrade. I’ve never painted anything outdoor, so it will be a DIY – learning curve. Be on the look out for my next post later this week!! We recently finished building our table for the beck deck, and I am so excited to show everyone our progress.



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