Outdoor Dining Table—- DIY

If you guys have been following along. Last week, I shared a post about my Outdoor dining inspiration, you can check that out here. I shared multiple images of which direction I wanted to go, for making our table. We have been doing some renovations and multiple projects around the house recently, and we have kinda been bleeding money. I knew for this project, I wanted to have great style, but also easy on our budget.

A while ago, I shared this post, about our kids bedroom, and some of the changes we made with switching around some furniture. In that post, I shared that the kids did have a bunk bed that was from Ikea. As we were dismantling everything, we noticed that it really isn’t built well enough to be taking down and put back up again. Initially when we took it apart, my husband and I, started to take all of the pieces and put them outside with the intent of just throwing them away. After the pile of wood got larger, I completely changed my mind and brought everything back in the house—– I knew I wanted to use the wood from the bunk bed and make a table with it. So I stored everything in our basement and waited for some warmer weather to make this plan come to life.

For Reference—-this is what the bunk bed looked like while it was in the kids room.


I did put some work into all of this wood, because this was originally delievered as raw wood. I had previously stained this with a dark walnut, and sealed with a high glass polyurethane.


Here is some of the old bunk bed pulled out from its storing place. It did take a little debating between my husband and I, over how we were going to build it, but eventually came to an agreement. Keep in mind, our design was pretty much dependent upon the materials we already had.


We first built a large frame that would be the length/width followed and added some cross-bar supports.


And just so everyone knows, we have never built a table before. We really didn’t follow any instructions either. We kinda had the mind-set of —– GO FOR IT—– OR GO HOME. So needless to say, we just “winged it”


(Some little person wanted to help. Not just yet, little man)

We had originally planned on building some sort base- legs from what we had, however, after closely looking at our materials, we said that was just going to be too difficult. So we opted to head to Lowes and grab some 4 x4’s. Once we got them home, we cut them to the length we wanted and screwed them into our frame. It turned out to a great decision, because the design of our table was similar to a Parson’s table. We have a parsons table in our dining room, and love it. Adding the 4 x4’s cost a total of 13$—- It can’t get any better than that!!


After the legs were secured, we started to lay all of wood slats on top of the frame— in prep for everything to be attached. We secured all of these pieces from the underside and on top.


Since all of this wood came from an old bunk bed, there were quite a few holes in pretty much all of the wood pieces. So I had to break out my handy wood filler, and fill every hole! It was a process.


After all the wood filler was dry, I sanded everything using — Medium Grit Sand Paper, followed by Fine Grit Sand Paper. I also cut a 2-inch hole in the center piece, for an umbrella.

After all the hard labor was complete, I had to make a decision whether to stain and seal everything, or to paint it. Since we had mix-matching of wood materials, and way too much wood filler for multiple tiny holes. I decided the best option was to paint everything. It took me about 3.5 cans of spray paint. I used the Rust-oleum Flat Enamel Spray Paint in Black. You can find the exact one, here.



My main goal for this project was to create a budget friendly sturdy table, which was certainly accomplished. I was so happy that we got to re-use materials to help make the table project possible.


I snagged the table-cloth and place-mats from amazon.com

The chairs and Umbrella came from Wayfair.com. They had an awesome sale going on the other week, which was called “Way-Day” for all outdoor items. I scored my black metal chairs and the umbrella for excellent prices.




You can spot—– in the right of this picture, another table project. We still had some left-over materials from the old bunk-bed, that we decided to make a small kids table. I will share more details on that project soon!!



If anyone can spot it, one side of the Umbrella, hangs a little lower versus the rest. The umbrella did come damaged. Once I found this out, I was a little disappointed, however, I sent an email to Wayfair.com to let them know that my order arrived damaged. They asked me a couple of questions and requested for some pictures. I supplied everything they requested, and within 48 hours my issue had been resolved. They ordered me another umbrella and told me that I could dispose of the damaged umbrella, as I see fit. Since I didn’t have to return the damaged umbrella, I still have been using it until my new one arrives. I have ordered multiple items from online stores, and this was my first experience dealing with this type of situation. But I must say, that I was pretty impressed over how everything was handled and corrected, with pretty much no hassle at all. I give Wayfair a 💯 on customer service.


I snagged those metal buckets, which will be used as candle holders, from the dollar section at Target.



We have been using our new outdoor dining space to eat dinner, pretty much everyday since the weather has been really great. The kids love it was well. This whole project came to life with some imagination, sweat equity, and “thinking outside the box”. I would love to hear about some of your projects, where you’ve had to think creatively!! I will have to write another post talking about the cost break-down of this whole project.



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