Peel & Stick Wall-Paper

My entry-way recently received a small update. I’m still pretty new to Instagram, but I recently spotted some peel and stick wall paper that several people have been using in several spaces throughout their homes. I really have liked how it looks, and everyone has been raving that’s it’s pretty easy to use, pretty inexpensive, and can be easily removed and changed. I did a little research and found this peel & stick wall paper at Target, for a pretty good price. What’s even better, that it recently went on sale. So I grabbed 2 tubes and decided to put it up near my very small entryway. I did watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to apply wallpaper, because I don’t have any experience. After a little research, I felt pretty confident to give it a try. I made sure to measure everything, and worked in small sections. The wall-paper is pretty much just a large sticker. So I peeled small sections of the back off, and started sticking it to the wall. The videos I watched suggested that you don’t want to peel the whole back off at one time. So I ended up peeling off small sections as you go. I was able to smooth everything with my hands, but to make sure to get all of the air-bubbles out, I did use a flat edge tool that helped smooth everything out. You can find the exact wall-paper I used, here. You can also find a similar tool  I used to smooth everything out, here.

After we worked on updating our kitchen, we painted our entry-way bright white. We were happy that everything got painted white, because it brightened the whole space up. Here is what it looked like, after we did our kitchen update.



(I cannot tell you, how much I love these Ikea Trones. Probably every-single day I stare at them and pat myself on the back for putting so much shoe storage, in such a small space.  I purchased my Ikea Trones, here. )

Target did have some really good selections, but my home does have a lot of the “farmhouse” charm injected in several area’s in my home. So I wanted to keep that farmhouse theme going. The look of ship-lap is a time-less and classic look, so that’s what I grabbed while at Target.


It was pretty easy to apply. The paper is really forgiving. If you don’t get your placement right the first try, you can peel it up and reposition as needed. This would be an excellent thing to try if you’re a renter too. The pictures, really don’t do this wall-paper justice, because it offers a lot of texture. From a distance it really does look like real ship-lap.




The 2 tubes were just enough to be able to wall-paper the entire one wall that goes around the corner, and a small section right beside our very small half bathroom.

Anybody who ever comes over, I do tell them that this is the smallest bathroom in the world. (Not really—- but it is really—–really small)


This truly was a really quick, simple, and pretty easy project to tackle. This was my first attempt at applying any type of wall-paper. I know if I can do it, many of you can do it too. I would love to hear from my reader’s about some of the projects that you have been tackling around the home.







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