Last Weekend…. And a few Goals For My Blog

Last weekend was such a blast. My sister’s best friend (from our childhood) got married. I am the young sister in my family, so that means, I was always tagging along with my sister and her friends. I have always admired my sister’s friend, because she has always been such a nice and genuine person. Last weekend she got married at such a gorgeous place, in Asheville NC. Here is just a small slice of how gorgeous their venue was—– They did a cattle call during the reception with some Texas Longhorn Cattle.


I do have a thing for cows—- but can you imagine how gorgeous this backdrop is for a beautiful wedding photo.


I have probably had all of my idea’s in my head, for several years with my desire to start my own blog. The push I needed to get everything started was for me to start taking good photos. To kick-start providing better quality photos was to purchase a better camera. After asking some of my friends, and doing a lot of research I ended up purchasing a DLSR— Nikon D 3400. So far, this camera has been completely awesome, easy to use, and has given me some pretty awesome photo’s. My sister told this to my her friend (that was getting married)—- and she gave me the chance to operate as one of photographers for the rehearsal and Rehersal Dinner. I cannot tell everyone how much I completely enjoyed being behind the camera and attempt to capture several moments along that weekend. I am currently sorting and editing those photo’s, and so far I have some pretty good images. A possible goal—— is having my own photography business. I haven’t fully decided on this yet, but it is certainly in the back of my head. Just so everyone knows—- when we were in Asheville, I did force my sister to pull-over on the side of the road, just so I could snap a cow photograph. She had a good laugh, but I really enjoyed it. Currently I have a cow painting hanging in my dining room. I might order one of these photo’s on a canvas and hang this instead. I would have a orginal photo (hung as art) created by me!! Again…. I have a thing for cows.


I total geeked out with taking these photo’s. Because I ran up to the fence to get a good shot. And the cow walked right up to me. He was probably wondering, what this crazy lady was doing?!?!?!



I really enjoy decorating and completing projects around the home. A goal I would like to achieve—— reach out to companies that sell home decorations and products that could be sponsored on this blog. A big portion of my decorating around the home has been achieved through online shopping. I would love to inspire and share with all my reader’s, that decorating your home can be done in an affordable way and via online shopping. Below I have my bedroom—- I pretty much did all online shopping for this room. I purchased my rug, white quilt, bed skirt, and all throw pillows via Online.




Another goal I have for this blog, and on my Instagram account—- is to start having more posts regarding clothing finds and talking about having comfortable style. I did a photo shoot just the other day, shooting several pieces that I have within my wardrobe, and It was really so much fun. Eventually my plan, is have the ability for everyone to “shop my looks” here on my website. I would love to eventually partner with Re-style and have the “like to know it” app. For me to be able share all of my finds. I have had a lot of questions about my dress that I wore to the wedding, and I would to be able to share a link with everyone so that you could purchase.


I bought this dress from Jc-Penny. It was under 90$ and I got it at 40% off. This dress is just so flowy and probably the most comfortable dress I have ever worn. 


The biggest goal, is probably having the ability to financially support my family with my blog. I have officially made my first dollar with my blog, and I cannot tell you how exciting this is for me. Doing all things creative with my camera and decorating has been such a passion of mine and has brought me such joy. I have had a couple of people ask me, why would I share everything about my home? Well—- I simply enjoy decorating my home, and right now I have been enjoying sharing everything. So why not do what you enjoy—– right!! We only have one life to live, and I am going to do what makes me happy!! Stay tuned as I continue to Make Chaos Graceful!



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