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Hi everyone! I had originally planned on posting this last week, but life kinda caught up with me too quickly. The baby of the family is currently getting over from a re-occurring ear infection, and hasn’t been too happy lately. Finger’s crossed we will kick that ear infection’s butt soon!! Last week’s post I talked a little bit about my wardrobe, and how I create multiple outfits with the same pieces. If you missed it, you can see that post, here.

But let’s talk about our Master Bedroom. We have been living in this house for about 5 years now. And this bedroom was probably the very first room that I had ever painted on my own. When we first moved in, this bedroom was actually a really ugly Sage Green color. That is probably why I wanted this room to be painted first. Quick Tip—– Make sure that you keep a record of your paint colors. When I first started painting within our home, I had a really bad habit of not keeping any type of record of what paint colors that were used throughout our home. I have obviously since learned from this mistake, and have kept track of all the current paint colors in our house. But this bedroom was one of the rooms that fell victim of not knowing exactly what color I used. I will have to do a little investigating and try to see if I can somehow manage to find the color. But this paint color is a dark Gray—- that was painted with Beher Paint. I will have to share another post, about how I currently keep track of all of our paint colors.

Our Bedding


Bedding is one of the most easiest ways to update a bedroom. We switched to this white quilt at the beginning of spring, and I am certainly in love with how bright it is and how much it changed the look and feel of our bedroom. I am also a really big fan of having quilts. I have a couple of different reasons why I love them so much

  • Quilts are easy to wash. In our bedroom, we have a California King bed, and I don’t think I could fit a large king size comforter in our washer/dryer at home.
  • Quilts lay really well on your bed. Let me rephrase that…. Quilts typically don’t wrinkle after you’ve taken 5 minutes to make your bed for the day. I used to have a down comforter that came with a duvet cover, and I used to get really frustrated when I was trying to make my bed for the day, and it would look so wrinkly and unkept. It’s so much easier to make your bed everyday with a quilt.
  • Another reason why I love quilts—– they typically last a really long time. I recently replaced my oldest son’s quilt for his bed. He had his quilt for probably about 8-9 years with its still looking pretty darn good. I mainly updated it just to switch it out for a different color scheme.

The only downfall that I see for having a quilt, is having it in the winter. We live in North East Ohio, and it does get really cold during the winter. Quilts aren’t really thick, so I do have to layer multiple blankets underneath to make sure we stay nice and warm.


White Quilt  // Blush Pillows // Floral Pillows

Make-up Table Space



X-base Make-up Vanity // Lighted Mirror // Interlocking Drawer Organizing Trays

My make-up table organization was one of the first few posts I wrote when I started this blog. If you would like to check that out, you can head here.  I do apply make-up on pretty much a daily basis. It makes me feel good about myself and helps cover up those dark circles I have under my eyes!! Since we only have 1 full bathroom in our house that has 5 family members. I don’t want to take up precious time applying make-up in our bathroom. We decided to add a make-up table to our bedroom, and I have been in love ever since. It has helped stream-line my whole routine for getting ready for the day with having everything in one spot.

Our Rug



Rug // Lamp

I have had a lot of people ask me and/or compliment me on this rug. I must say that I do love it. It’s just the right pile height and offers some very vibrant colors. When I bought this rug, I did break a rule that I typically use for making major purchases. Usually I always stick with the rule of buying items that are more Neutral in color. But when I spotted this rug, I just couldn’t say no. I have been loving many things Pink recently and this rug just seemed to fit into our bedroom seamlessly. Just in case you missed it, we recently took the mirror off of this really old dresser a few months ago. With removing the mirror, it helped this dresser look a little more modern and clean-looking. If your interested, its in this post —– here.

Full Length Mirror


I probably purchased this full-length mirror about 4 years ago at Bed Bath & Beyond. I must say, that I will never have another bedroom without a full length mirror.  I am someone who is a lover of comfortable style and comfortable clothing. Whenever I make  Online clothing purchases, this mirror has been such a nice addition to our bedroom with trying on all of my outfits. My little kiddo’s also like to come into our bedroom and look at themselves. Especially my 4-year-old daughter. Anytime she puts on one of her many Princess costumes, you can certainly bet that she will be looking at herself in front of this mirror.

Small Bedrooms Come with Small Closets


Stacking Drawer System

I also did a full post about how we updated our closet with this drawer system, you can check that post out—- here. Its been a few months that we’ve had this drawer system in our closet. I will continue with my raving reviews and say that this was a good quality purchase. Its sturdy, fits in our closet perfectly, and truly offers loads of functional storage space. The drawers glide so easily with getting items in or out.

Well, there you have it folks. A closer look at our Small Master Bedroom. There are a few links to a couple of previous blog posts. And I have a few links (under some of the pictures) to a few of the items that we have in our bedroom. I would love to hear from some of you—— Did any of you make any changes to your bedding or décor since we are rolling steadily into Summer Months??









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