A Small Update to our Outdoor Dining Space

In case you missed it, we recently added an outdoor dining table and chairs to our back deck. You can get the full details on this DIY project in—- this-— post.


We have been in love ever since.  The weather has been absolutely perfect for eating meals outside, and we have been using it as much as we can.


Farmhouse Style Chairs // Buffalo Check Table Cloth // Umbrella Stand // Umbrella

Since we built this table ourselves, the table isn’t exactly 100% perfect, which is completely fine. The best thing anyone can do for a table that doesn’t look 100% perfect, is add a great outdoor table-cloth.


The table-cloth is not that expensive in the first place. But I didn’t want to fool with taking it on and off multiple times, whenever we want to dine outside. I had fully planned on just keeping it on the table, and also using place mats. Of course I will pull off this table cloth if it gets completely dirty for washings, but for the most part it will stay in place. The only downfall I noticed right away, is every time it rained, the whole table cloth got completely soaked/saturated. I did a little research, and the best thing I could find was using a fabric seal.


I made sure to clean everything thoroughly before I did an application of this spray. After everything was clean and dry, I gave the entire top portion of my tablecloth 2 coats with this Fabric Seal Spray. It was so easy to apply, just like adding spray paint. I made sure to follow the directions that was right on the bottle. I am happy to report that this has done the trick— no more rain water completely soaking and absorbing into my tablecloth. Now whenever it rains, the water kinda just bubbles up and whicks away pretty easily.

I also added 2 candle holders, that I snagged from the dollar section while at Target. I love their shape and detailing, but I had way too many mixing of metals. The umbrella has a brass accent, my chairs were black, and the actual candle holders were gun-metal with copper handles. When I picked up the fabric spay, I also snagged a can of Gold spray paint.


I positioned my candle holders on some cardboard and gave everything a couple of coats of paint (both inside and outside).

This is probably my very first project ever—– that I intentionally added splashes of gold. I guess there is a first time for everything.



Here is what our dining table looks like at night.


String Lights

My husband and I did take our daughter out for a special “Mommy/Daddy —- Daughter Dinner Date” over Memorial Day Weekend. She absolutely loved it, and completely made her feel so special. When we got back to the house we decided to light a few sparklers. I of course had to grab my camera!



The whole reason why I wanted to create this space, was for everyone to simply get outside and enjoy life. I hope everyone can get outside and do the same while the weather is perfect right now!!



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