Fashion Finds that are Perfect for Summer

Thank Goodness it’s Friday!!! This week has been such a stressful and chaotic week around the house. Busy schedules and everyday life really catches up with you. Sometimes its important to stop and enjoy life every once in a while. Well….. Maybe a little of the Fashion Life.

I recently did a little online shopping and snagged a couple of new items to add to my closet. I will be the first to admit that they were a little expensive, compared to the items I typically purchase. But these items came from a brand new clothing line—– that was created by a Blogger that I admire and have followed for several years. This particular blogger is the creator over at Hi Sugarplum. I have several reasons to why I started my own blog, with her blog certainly being one of my inspirations. Not only do I love her home décor but I love her classic style. She recently paired up with Gibson, and recently launched a clothing line on May 29th—- in which I snagged a couple of pieces.

Kamari Gingham Top

The first piece is a classic Gingham Blue top. Here I paired it with a white pair of shorts, but this will easily transition with me into fall when I add some white skinny jeans and a jean jacket.


Karmari Gingham Top

The ruffles help add a little flair. The gingham pattern has been popping up everywhere in both fashion and home décor. I absolutely love adding pieces to my wardrobe that are classic. My little miniature poodle wanted to help this top look that much cuter!



I have been seeing Rompers pop up all over Instagram and fashion blogger sites for a while now. I have been noticing that rompers are typically  a “go-to” item when it comes to warmer weather. I must admit that I do typically shy away from wearing rompers, because I am somewhat tall—- coming in at 5′ 9.5″. Typically rompers end up a little short, so I did make sure to size up one in order to achieve a more relaxed look and better fit with my taller stature.


Captiva Romper





I can’t wait to wear both of these items more this summer.




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