Things to do for Summer

The number one thing that typically changes with the season is obviously your wardrobe. Another thing that tends to change is home décor. Sometimes that means different things for different people. Whether you change everything within your home to be light and airy, or you simply decrease the amount of items around the home. Here are a few things that can be changed easily for summer.


One of the easiest ways to change the look around your home, is by changing up your hand towel. Grab something that gives the vibe of summer. I recently snagged this cute little hand-towel while at TJ Maxx. It’s not a major change, but its something that gives that summer vibe. You can do the same for your kitchen as well.


Sometimes changing your décor around for summer, means that you simplify your space by taking away items. Sometimes, less is more. Packing away heavy throw blankets and other decorations around the home can help give your space more of a light and airy feeling.



Another easy way to have things around the home feel more like summer is to switch out your throw pillows and bedding. Something that is light, fresh, and feels like summer.



Create a summer bucket-list. Whether you simply make a list on paper or write it on a chalkboard. A summer bucket-list is something that everyone can contribute too, and will help make sure everyone has fun this summer. Summer is one of the best seasons for everyone to get outside, enjoy life, and make memories with your loved ones. Last summer we were able to play a game that’s listed below. This particular game was an idea that we stole from the The Late Night Show— Starring Jimmy Fallon. He typically plays multiple games on his show with his guests, with one of those games called Egg Roulette. The kids and adults had such a blast with it. This is how we played.

How to Play Egg Roulette

  • start with a dozen eggs —— You could double this recipe, depending on how many player’s
  • hard-boil 8 of the 12 eggs
  • leave 4 eggs uncooked
  • place everything in refrigerator to cool down
  • once all your eggs are cold—- no one will ever know which egg is hard-boiled and which egg is raw
  • have 2-4 family members play
  • each person will take turns picking which egg they will smash on their head
  • once you have picked your egg—– there are no “put-backs”
  • firmly smash each egg on the top of your head
  • the first person that smashes 2 raw eggs on their head looses



Make sure you update your calendar, and mark down those really important dates. Father’s Day is just around the corner!!


Have any of you changed your décor around your home?? Have any of you created a summer bucket-list? I would love to hear about it!



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