Ikea Couch Review

An Honest Review

Roughly about 2.5 years ago,  I had asked my friends for a little input for what type of couch that would be best to purchase. I debated between getting a leather couch or a slip-covered couch. Just about everyone that gave their opinion voted for a leather couch. I really appreciate anybody who took their time to give me a little feedback, but I am afraid I went against everyone’s advice. I can hear my husband now—– “why did you ask, in the first place… blah blah blah”.

I did go couch shopping to several stores around the area. I probably couch shopped every weekend for several months. I probably looked at every— single— leather couch within our immediate area. I actually did find a really great couch that had the look, style, and comfort level I desired.  I quickly realized that I had very expensive taste. Really expensive taste—- and we’re talking over five thousand dollars expensive. I was really close to pulling the trigger for making this really, really expensive purchase. But something in the back of my mind said, no. I have 3 kids and not just ordinary kids, I have 3 crazy kids. I didn’t want to be the one that would freak out if something happened to the couch— whether it be damaged or have food spilled on it. After much thought and a lot of research on Pinterest, I decided to ultimately turn to Ikea for a new living room couch.

Norsborg Sectional

Ikea sells several different types of couches, sectionals, and sleeper sofa’s that all come with several types of material. I decided on purchasing something that was slip-covered.  I wanted something that had a classic shape for the living room and was completely torn between purchasing the Norsborg Sectional and the Ektorp Sectional. I really love the look of the Ektorp sectional, but the biggest factor for me selecting our couch, was mainly the measurements. I made this purchase without ever sitting or seeing an Ikea couch in person, so knowing their measurements was the key factor. Both my Husband and I, are tall people and I wanted something that had a deep seat depth and the Norsborg offered that. When you look at the Norsborg online, this couch comes in several versions. You can pick and select which versions works best for your space. If I wanted to, I could change this couch completely with adding another chaise to an end. I could add a corner with another seat for this couch to have a true L shape. But I went with a 3 seat couch with an added chaise.


When I purchased this couch I went ahead and bought 2 different slip-covers. I bought the Navy Blue slip-cover and a charcoal color. I’m really glad I did buy 2 cover options, because it does appear that they no longer sell the blue cover option.  The material is a little different for each color. The blue covers are a little softer and more forgiving. The charcoal is a little stiffer and feels a little rougher, but I still like both. When the couch was delivered, it arrived in 7 different boxes. I got home and was like—– “you mean I have to put this thing together?!” But trust me, it was easy. I put this couch together all by myself, and had it together within an hour and a half. My first impression of our couch, that is was stiff. But after adding several throw pillows and blankets, I think that it’s a pretty comfortable for my family to lounge on after a long day.


The number one thing I love about this couch, are the slip-covers. Each cushion can easily be taken out, with each cover thrown in the wash. If you have small kids, this will be a blessing!! I’ve thrown all of these cushion covers in the wash several times, and all of them come out like new again.


How to keep it clean?

  • Spot clean with cold water and a rag (for spills that require a little more help– keep reading)
  • Remove cushion— spray area with stain removal spray (I use shout)
  • Machine wash— on the cold water setting
  • Hang cover to air dry (using the dryer is not recommended)



  • Price! This couch was very affordable— I was able to snag 2 slip-cover options for a very good price
  • This couch is customizable to fit your needs and your space. If I ever desire to switch the sides the chaise sits on, I can easily make that switch.
  • Easy to keep clean—- all covers are easy to remove and washable
  • Easy to put together— after it was delivered, I was easily able to put this couch together myself. If we ever choose to move, this couch will be easily dismantled and transported
  • Comfortable—- it is pretty comfortable especially after adding a few throw pillows and blankets
  • Keeps it shape—- this couch pretty much looks the same as the day I un-boxed it. No sagging cushions here.
  • It’s classic look— it does offer a classic shape and size that doesn’t scream something that’s too “trendy”
  • It’s seat depth—- being someone of height, I always appreciate a deep sitting couch


  • it appears that Ikea no longer allows you to purchase items for this couch online
  • wrinkles— it does tend to have a few wrinkles in the material after the covers have been washed

I am afraid I don’t have pictures of the charcoal covers. But in the next few months I have big plans to change the look of our living room. I’m planning to switch the covers back to the charcoal, change the rug, hang our Tv above the fireplace, and re-paint the living room. Be on the look-out for those changes.

Friheten Sleeper Sofa

We purchased this sofa, probably a couple of months after our purchase of the Norsborg Couch. We’ve always had a partially finished basement since we’ve lived here. We’ve been in our home for about 5 years now.  For the first several years of living here, we pretty much used this space for extra storage and a work-out space. After we completely gutted and had our basement water-proofed, I insisted that we make another living space. I wanted a sofa that offered seating, storage, and converted into a sleeping sofa. Surprisingly, the Friheten Sleeper Sofa, checked off all of those boxes.




  • affordable—- coming in at $600.00—- certainly not a huge hit to your wallet
  • offers storage—- the chaise portion lifts up to store whatever can fit.
  • easy to convert into a sleeper
  • comfortable—-great for lounging
  • this option can still be easily purchased online


  • it’s not slip-covered— which means only spot cleaning
  • the sleeper sofa doesn’t come with a sleeping mattress—- it just converts with the ability to add a sleeping mattress

How does it convert to a sleeper?


Do you spot those 2 straps under the seat? Just pull on those 2 straps


Next you need to lift up—- this will raise everything up to the same level as the rest of the couch


We often use the couch like this when we lounge to watch movies or play video games. I wish I could say that this is comfortable enough to sleep on— as it is. But you do have to add something on top for someone to sleep here comfortably. You can either add a mattress topper or an air mattress. I have a full size air mattress that works great.

Where is the storage?

The chaise section lifts up that offers storage. If you have frequent guests, you could easily keep bed lines and pillows in it. But since this space is for the kids to play, we keep extra toys in it. This is where we keep the majority of our Nerf guns. We have some epic nerf gun battles down here from time to time.


We’ve had both of these couches for about 2 years now and overall both couches where good purchases.  I would certainly recommend both couches to anyone that is looking for a good sofa that is budget friendly. Ikea also have other options that are different styles that are also very affordable. This is not a sponsored post from Ikea, I just simply wanted to give everyone a little feedback about my Ikea sofa purchases. If you’ve been on the fence about an Ikea sofa, I would certainly recommend it. I’ve purchased other sofa’s in the past (from big name brand furniture stores) and I have to admit that I am happier with Ikea versus my other purchases.

Source: Norsborg Sectional

Source: Friheten Sleeper Sofa








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