Homemade Lemonade– Just in time for summer

Summer is officially here!!

Lemonade is simply a classic drink that is wonderful for everyone to enjoy this summer. I wanted to share my homemade recipe with everyone.


How to make lemonade for a 1 liter container


  • 5 large organic lemons
  • 3 quarter cups of organic sugar
  • filtered water
  • 1 liter pitcher

I begin by taking 2 cups of water and heating it on the stove top—– I add the sugar, and stir until its fully dissolved. Once sugar is dissolved—- take off heat and set aside. I heat water/sugar mix on a medium heat setting—– not intended to boil.


Next—- I cut all the lemons in half and squeeze as much juice as I can. If you don’t have a juicer, using a fork will work just fine.



After all of your lemons are squeezed, run your lemon juice through a strainer, to get out pulp and seeds.

I pour the contents of the water/sugar mix into my pitcher followed by adding my freshly squeezed lemon juice. I finish by filling the rest of the container with water until it’s full. Add ice and enjoy!!  Please note—– this lemonade recipe is intended for those who are not on any type of diet restriction. If you’re looking for a diet or alternative sugar option, you can find that recipe—- here.


I hope everyone can enjoy some fresh lemonade this summer!! When I was young, me and my best friend would spend many days during the summer, making and selling lemonade on the side of the road. Boy we thought we were rolling in the money with every glass we sold for 50 cents. If only I could go back to the good old days! Let me know if anyone sets up a lemonade stand with their kids—- I would surely like to stop by!!



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