Summer Fashion Finds with a little Online Shopping

With summer officially here, and vacations right around the corner, it was time to add a few more pieces to my summer wardrobe. Who would have thought that I could buy a few clothing items from Ebay?? It was certainly a happy surprise. I did buy a used piece, with a few other pieces that were brand new. Everything I snagged, were all for really great prices. I will make sure to link all of these fashion finds under some of the photo’s and at the very bottom.

What I bought New

Rompers have been all the rave for several years now. I kinda know why, they’re cute, stylish and comfortable. Well— some of them are comfortable. This royal blue romper that I added to my wardrobe is certainly comfortable. I absolutely love that it has pockets.

Fit tip–— it does run a little small. I would recommend to size up.


Source: Royal Blue Romper


DSC_0492 (2)

Here is another romper that I do like—- but I don’t love. The main issue I have with it, is that it runs a little short. If you’re a little shorter than me, this will fit perfectly. (I’m 5′ 9.5″ for reference) I will probably wear this out and about when I know I will be doing more standing versus sitting. Maybe I can get this altered some how for a better fit. I love that it also has pockets too.


Source: Striped Romper

What I bought Used

I don’t know about any of you, but Nordstrom has some really great clothing. I am afraid that their prices are a little high for someone who tends to be frugal. I bought a gently used top that was originally sold from Nordstrom for a fraction of the price. And to be honest, I can’t even tell that it’s even used.


Source: This is the same top, but just in a different color. Halogen Nordstrom Ruffle Top



I actually really love this top. I did take a little bit of risk, because I typically shy away from items that scream “too girly”. I am glad I took the risk, because this really is a cute top. It’s comfortable too!! I hope everyone can enjoy the weekend, and maybe find a couple of pieces to add to their summer wardrobe.




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