Essentials to Pack for the Beach

Do any of you have any July 4th traditions that you enjoy each year?? One of my favorite things to do for the July 4th Holiday is head to the beach. If you’re headed to the beach this year for the 4th of July, here are a few things to not forget about.

  1. Sun-Screen-– This apply’s to all skin color and complex types. The sun can be harsh, and anyone is susceptible to getting burned. Make sure you get a good brand that has at least 50 SPF. If your doing a lot of swimming, it’s recommended to re-apply your sunscreen every hour. I am someone who knows what it’s like to get burned by the sun. Two years ago, we were in Florida for Spring Break. I made the mistake of only applying my Sun-screen once every (who was paying attention to the time) I certainly wasn’t. When we got home it was very apparent that I didn’t re-apply like I should have. I ended up getting sun poisoning and having really bad sun-burn. This happened at the beginning of our trip. Our trip was still enjoyable, but not as enjoyable as it should have been.DSC_0854
  2. Fun Beach Towel-– make sure that you have plenty of towels with you. Nobody wants to get caught swimming in the ocean—- than having to dry off by the sun.
  3. Beach Bag-— that you don’t mind getting sand in. Let’s face it. Sand will be everywhere. Carry a bag that can handle and manage all that sand. I typically like having a mesh bag.
  4. Having different options of swim wear–— If you will going to the beach for a full week, there isn’t anything worse that putting on a wet swimsuit from the previous day. Especially if your getting up first thing in the morning to head to the beach. That will really wake you up in the morning!! It’s always a smart choice to have a 2nd swimsuit just in case a strap decides to break. I’ve had that happen while on vacation before. It’s not fun having to scramble to find something to wear.DSC_0843

Source: Cupshe-– Stripe One Piece swimsuit

Have a good week everyone!



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