I’m updating my Décor in my Living Room with the help of Pinterest

I hope everyone had a good holiday week!! If you guys have been following along, I have been making hints that things are gonna change within our living room.

What Décor Style are You?

I have been torn for what type of decor “style” I lean towards. Here are a couple of different styles that you could lean towards with your décor.

  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Eclectic
  • Traditional
  • Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • French Country

I could probably go on. But I haven’t fully nailed down which style I like. The type of styles I typically find myself drawn too are Farmhouse and Mid-century Modern. Having a mix of styles in your home is perfectly fine, because guess what?? It’s your home!!  What’s the point in even decorating your home in the first place?? Home is supposed to be your secure spot that makes you feel happy. Home is a place where everyone can enjoy, have fun, and make happy memories. Home is where I spend most of my time, and I want my home to reflect my style and comfort level. Why not make your place look——- well——– pretty??

The Plan

I have certainly made some bad choices with designing spaces.  The spaces that I have actually had a plan–have turned out great. The spaces that I really haven’t had a plan have been some epic fails. Since I will be re-decorating our living room, I wanted to make sure that it doesn’t turn out to be an epic fail. The first thing I did was actually sketch a plan on paper. I have an odd-shaped living room that’s long and narrow with a bay window that’s not centered in the room, and a fireplace that’s not centered in the room either. So I made a sketch on paper, and tried to re-configure the space so there will be a better flow.  After I sketched everything on paper—– I took measurements. I measured the placement of the couch, new rug, side tables, etc. I not only took measurements of everything with the new layout, I did place some painter’s tap on the floor for a more effective visual perspective.  Here is my list of things I wanted to accomplish.

  • keep the sofa— but move its placement. Change the slip covers back to charcoal
  • change the rug
  • get rid of the current TV stand
  • mount the TV above the fireplace
  • get a new side table on each side of the sofa
  • get a new table lamp
  • get a new floor lamp
  • add book shelves
  • get new throw pillows
  • add more accent lighting
  • update the face of the fireplace
  • move toys out of the living room— to create more of an adult space
  • add large artwork
  • re-configure wall photo gallery
  • add accent chairs

Visual Plan

The furnishing I picked, I wanted to make sure that everything blends well together. I will be making most of my purchases online, and I wanted to get a good visual of how everything will look together. On my Pinterest account I created a board that is designated to re-decorate my space. Everything I found Online for my space, I simply just saved these images into my board so I can have a good visual to make sure everything blends well together. I know there are programs where you can create mood boards, but I was really familiar on how to operate Pinterest. It was pretty much the easiest and simplest way to create a “mood board” without having to download another program. Most websites also offer a button at the bottom of an image or post to easily pin the link and/or image to your Pinterest. Here are a few screenshots of some of the furnishings and decor that plan to be changed within our living room.


Rug Size

The biggest obstacles I faced, was deciding on which rug. A rug can either make or break a space. The size of the rug is just as important as the color scheme. I actually did reach out for a little help on deciding for the size of the rug. I asked the girls over at the DIY playbook for a little feedback. They pretty much confirmed what I should do for the size of the rug. They did say, typically bigger is better, but suggested it’s better to have at least a few inches from the perimeter of the room–for the placement of the rug.  My current rug is 8 x10— which feels a little small for the space. My living room could stand a bigger size rug. I was torn between getting a 9 x12 or 10 x 14. I really wanted to go with the 10 x14, however, my living room is long and narrow—- so after measuring my space—- the width of the rug would butt right next to the foot of the fireplace. I did find some rugs that were 9 x13 and 9 x14— but they were pricey. The rug I’m currently looking at is below 300$. And the rugs I found that were a little longer were around 1000.00. So it was a no brainer that I would get the 9 x12 under $300.00.


Obvisouly you can gain better input from an actual Interior Designer—- but my goal is to do everything on a budget. And hiring an interior designer is just simply not in the budget for me. There are also websites that offer interior design services remotely—- where you can upload images of your space, and they will come back with a design plan. That would cost anywhere between $100-500.00.

Everything that I’m telling you about can be used and applied to any space that your re-decorating. I have learned some these tricks, by doing a little research and watching what Interior Designers do. I know—- I am no interior designer, but why can’t I act like one?? Sketch my vision, make a plan, measure, have visual feedback, and execute everything. If anyone is interested in following me on Pinterest—– my account is linked here. There is also a follow button at the bottom of this page.




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