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A little while ago, I shared how we re-used the wood from a previous bunk-bed to make our outdoor dining table. After that project was finished, we realized we had enough wood to build a kids table.  If we can do it, any of you can do it too.

How to

We started by building the frame first. The legs we used were pre-fabricated that I purchased at Lowes. They are 21 inches in height. We used 4 pieces of wood that were    1 x 3 to build the frame. We used 2.5 inch wood screws and drilled straight through. We could have made this a little prettier by drilling pocket-holes. But the method we used worked just fine.


Next—– we used 1 x 4’s for the top. If you were building your own project, you could probably use 2 x 4’s for increased stability—- but we were using scrap wood from an old bunk-bed. We pretty much drilled the 1 x 4 wood planks into the frame from the top side. And added smaller cross-bar supports on the underside. All the peices we used for this project were already the length we wanted. If your deciding to tackle this project on your own, you would either need to have a circular saw and/or jig saw to cut your pieces of wood to the length you desire. You could also ask the nice folks at either lowes and/or Home Depot to cut your wood pieces down to size—- I have never had this done for our projects. But from what I hear—- they can do this for certain and select wood.


Since we were using wood from an old bunk-bed. There were some holes that needed to be filled on the ends of all of the 1 x4’s. I broke out my wood filler. Once everything was dry, I sanded down the wood filler spots, along with the entire table. Sanding everything down prepped the wood for it to be painted. I also wanted any rough edges to be smoothed out, since this was going to be our kids table.



I used white spray paint for this project. I ended up using 2 different kinds. The first one had primer built-in it. The 2nd — was Rust-oleum Flat Protective Enamel spray paint. The enamel spray paint gave it a really nice smooth finish.


The Finished Product—-

Building this table was such an easy project. We built everything in pretty much an hour. Painting it took longer than actually building it. We had originally intended on building a bench for this table—– but with the wood pieces we had, it just wasn’t working out. I actually saw some cute kids bistro chairs online, so I decided to scope those up. I purchased the kids chairs from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You can find them, here.


Table measurements—-

Table Height– 22 inches Table Width— 22.75 inches Table length— 35.5 inches

Since this was a DIY project—- I made sure to measure everything to make sure the chairs would fit nicely under the table. I found when looking for kids chairs— the seat height does vary several inches. The varrying height really does matter—– I would have built this table, and hated if I bought really low to the ground chairs. The kids wouldn’t have the proper seat— to table— ratio. I’ve said it before, but measuring is the key when planning any projects!!

DSC_0869DSC_0871DSC_0859DSC_0858DSC_0857 (2)

Source: Kids Bistro Chairs

I believe if we could build this table, any of you could do it too. This project was really easy and turned out so cute for our kids. This table was certainly a nice addition to the kids shared bedroom. Home isn’t created over-night, it’s created one project at a time.






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