Wood Tray— DIY Project

I hope everyone is having a good day! Boy I’ve been really hard on myself recently. I’ve been debating all of my decisions recently in both life and with the creation of this blog. I’ve really beaten myself up because I haven’t quite broken past the threshold of a certain number of reader’s. I don’t want to sit here and complain, but I would actually like to ask for everyone’s help. If some of you like the content I have been bringing to the table— I would really appreciate it if you could share it. Share it with people who you think would enjoy and find a little inspiration. I would really like to continue down this path of sharing update’s to our home, DIY tutorials, budget friendly decorating finds, fashion finds, and an occasional recipe. I know there are more folks out there that would find some of this information useful, I just need a little help with spreading the word.

Anyway—- let’s get right to this tutorial on how to create a wood tray that I have been using to go over the bath-tub and to place on my bed for a little decoration. We started with a basic wood-plank that was snagged from Lowes for a couple bucks.

Here is a list of supplies I started with

  • Wood-plank
  • wood stain
  • polycrylic
  • drill
  • drill-bit
  • Sander
  • jig-saw
  • wood-filler——— optional


Cutting to Size

Since I started with a long wood-plank that came from Lowes. I had to cut it down to size. The first thing I did was take a measurement. I wanted to have this wood tray fit across our bath-tub. After measuring—- I wanted my wood tray to be about 31 inches in length.

I was a little nervous about making the cut. This was in-fact my first time using the jig-saw. We bought this jig-saw when we updated our kitchen, and had to use it when we installed some butcher block counter tops. And when I saw “we”—- I mean my husband. There is only one way to get better doing something, and that’s to actually do it.  I started by using a pencil and marked a little dotted line across the wood to act as a guide while I was making the cut. Even though I was nervous— I still did it!! I got lined up— pulled the trigger and made my cut. For the first time, it turned out somewhat straight. Just note—- if you don’t have a jigsaw— you can have the folks at Lowes cut your wood plank down to size. I realize that not everyone will have a jig-saw handy. But now that I do have a jig-saw, it has proven that it is something handy to have.



After I made the cut, I made sure to sand the entire piece smooth. I used a medium grit followed by a fine grit. This tray needed to be smooth to touch. If you don’t have a palm-sander— you can snag a couple sanding blocks or pieces of sand paper for a couple bucks.


Stain & Polycrylic

To apply the wood stain— I used a foam brush. I brushed the stain on and then wiped away the excess with an old rag. I stained all sides. I let this sit out and dry for a little while before I added the ploy.


I applied the Polycrylic with a regular paint brush—- and applied 2 coats. After everything was dry—- I drilled holes for the cabinet handles that I snagged from Target. Since this wood plank was a little thicker than a typical cabinet— I did have to use 2 different drill bits.

Note—- You can get cabinet hardware/handles from Lowes. Lowes will typically include x2 different sets of screw lengths to accommodate the varying thickness. The cabinet handles/hardware from Target only has x1 screw length— which was a little too short for this project. 


I used a regular drill bit to drill a small hole all the way through the wood plank. Next I drilled a larger hole on the bottom side so the short screw can completely fit into the hole. This is where wood filler could come into play. After I drilled the holes— and attached the cabinet handles— there are 4 holes on the underside of the wood tray. I could have used wood-filler to fill those holes to have a smooth bottom. But I ran out of time with this project. (I completed this project while the kids were taking a nap) I will have to do that later.



The Finished Project

It was a nice end to a long day after creating this project. Getting to enjoy it with a glass of wine in the bath-tub.


I had some nice reading material!! (hahahaha)



I found a nice spot for this tray to be stored when it’s not in use for the bath-tub.


I hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial—- and happy creating!! Home isn’t created in one night, but it’s created one project at a time.



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