Tips and Tricks to Hide Clutter to Have A More Organized Home

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Sometimes, clutter happens and trying to keep an organized home does take work and little effort.  Despite organizing and purging items regularly, clutter just seems to always happen. If your like me and have kids, that means you also have to worry about toy clutter!! I love watching my kids play with their toys, but I am afraid I don’t love seeming them scattered across the floor. Today I wanted give everyone a few tips and tricks to keep your spaced a little more organized.

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We currently live in a home that is around 1200 square feet. Choosing furniture that is either multi- functional or has some sort of storage component was key for cutting clutter. One of the best purchases I made was getting a storage ottoman for my living room. Our ottoman not only serves as a piece that is visually pleasing to our space, it’s a comfortable spot to prop up my feet after a long day, and serves as a spot to hide away some of our kids toys. Here are a couple stylish options that are budget friendly.


Baskets are so versatile when it comes to organizing a space (or for hiding your clutter). Baskets can be very stylish that can work in closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets, or simply sitting out in plain view. Here are a couple stylish yet affordable options. I have a pair of baskets that are similar to the first one below, that serve as shoe storage for our back-door.

Command Hooks:

Command hooks are such a great tool to use around the home to keep your spaces a little more organized. I did a full post on how I decorate my home and keep things a little more organized around the home. If your interested in hearing more information, you can check that post out– here.  The great thing about command hooks are that they are so versatile and can pretty much go anywhere is your home.  I absolutely loved how the folks over at A Bowl Full of Lemons— organized their measuring cups on the inside of their kitchen cabinets using command hooks. If your interested you can find that post, here.


I would love to hear from some of you about how you organize your spaces! Do any of you have any go-to items that you use frequently? Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about our living room make-over.



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