Tips for Hanging a Symmetrical Gallery Wall

Happy Tuesday!! Decorating your home can be a challenge at times. How do you decide what items go where?? I have for sure made some decorating fails, however, the good thing about being passionate when it comes to decorating your home, is to change it! That’s where our symmetrical gallery wall comes in. I ordered a set of symmetrical picture frames, that were originally hung in our living room next to our fireplace. I only used 6 picture frames of 9 that I had originally ordered. After several months of our pictures being hung on the wall, I slowly desired to have the entire set hung. I found a few inspirational photos on my Pinterest account that looked great adding this type of gallery wall to the dining room.

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  • Frames
  • hammer
  • picture hangers (these can come in various types, depending on the weight of your picture frame) I went with picture hangers that are rated for up to 20lbs.
  • level
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • optional: picture hanging wire. Hanging wire would be ideal if your picture frames have 2 hanging hooks on the back. You could connect those 2 hanging  hooks with some hanging wire. When it comes time to hang your frame on the wall, you would only make one hole versus having 2 holes for each picture frame.



Measuring was certainly key to making all of these pictures symmetrical. The picture frames are not only the same size, but having the spacing between each picture frame is key. The recommended spacing for this type of gallery wall is between 1-2 inches apart. Having the spacing too far apart, will make your wall feel too cluttered.

Visual Planning:

If your someone who needs more of a visual outline on how to hang your gallery wall, there are a couple of things you could do.

  1. painter’s tape—- tape off the section on your wall to determine a layout, width, and height for where your pictures will be placed.
  2. cardboard/paper—– you could cut several squares that are the exact size of your picture frames from either cardboard/paper, and place those on the wall to determine proper placement.


Symmetrical gallery walls are classy, timeless, and can certainly make a big statement to your space. Even though the whole process was a little tedious and time-consuming, it was so worth it. I absolutely love adding this personal touch to our dining room.



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I have been hanging many things around the home recently. If you follow me on instagram, I have shared a little bit about hanging a few shelves for our living room. So far everything that’s happened to our living room has been really good, and I can’t wait to share those changes with everyone. Stay Tuned!!



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