Change the look of your space, with Throw Pillows

Hello August!! Boy this Summer has been flying-by so quickly. It’s so hard to believe that school will be starting all over again in just a few weeks. It’s even harder to believe that my oldest son will be going to his first year of high school. Boy that really does make me feel old, (*sigh*). With my son getting ready to start school again, my mind has been pre-occupied with all the back-to-school shopping that I will have to start tackling here in the next few weeks. I’ve also had my mind focused on Fall Décor. I know, that does sound a little crazy. It just turned August just the other day, and I’m already thinking about what I’m gonna do for my Fall Decorating. One of the first things that I typically change when making a shift for fall decorating, are my throw pillows. Since I tend to decorate on a budget, it’s better if I spread the items that I purchase over a period of time versus buying everything at once.

Throw Pillows

Don’t under-estimate the power of a good throw pillow. Not only do the add extra comfort to your sofa and/or chair’s throughout the home, but they can offer plenty of style. Throw pillows are a budget-friendly option that can help change the look throughout your home with the different seasons.


Not All Throw Pillows are Created Equal

Here are a couple of different types of pillows that I typically purchase

  • ployester-blend –these tend to be less expensive. The polyester-blend pillows do tend to be a little stiffer, and unfortunately they will eventually loose their shape and fall flat.
  • cotton-blend–these are a medium price point. These types of pillows I’ve purchased in the past have been great. Their soft and comfortable, however I have yet to find this type of pillow that come with zipper/removable case.
  • feather/down blend — tend to be a little more expensive. These tend to last the longest, look better after being fluffed and are very comfortable. I have been very successful with finding some inexpensive pillows at Homegoods that have zipper/removable covers.


Space Saving

Whenever I go pillow shopping, I do try my best to select pillows that have zipper/removable covers. Zipper covers mean, if the insert pillow is cheap or falls flat, I can easily remove the insert and replace it with a new and better insert. Changing the covers of your pillows are not only cost-effective, but space-saving. I would much rather store different options of pillow covers versus several throw pillows.


How to Keep your Pillows Looking Fluffy

Well….. I will be very honest. I discovered this little trick on accident. I purchased new pillow covers for all of my pillows. Purchasing new pillow covers was inexpensive and completely changed the look and vibe in my living room. So, how do I keep my pillows extra fluffy/yummy throughout the day?? When I purchased all of my pillow covers, I purchased them one size too small. Yep—– I made a mistake. But it was a very happy mistake. All of my throw pillows were sized 20 x 20. And I purchased all of my pillow covers in 18 x18. I stuffed all of my larger pillows in a smaller case, and boy I really love the way they look. I asked myself, “why didn’t I do this sooner?” I’ve had these covers on my pillows for a couple of weeks now, and all of them have stayed so plump and full. The pillows that worked the best for this, were the feather/down pillow inserts and the cotton-blend pillows. I’m afraid this little trick wouldn’t work out too great with the polyester pillows because they are already a little stiff. The pillow has to have a little “give” in order for this trick to work.



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