Getting your Kids Ready for Going Back to School

Good Morning Everyone!!

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is getting ready to go back to school. It’s time to have your child re-adjust from summer schedule back to a school schedule. Believe it or not, but today marks the day that my oldest Son is going back for his first day of High School. I’m proud, happy, sad and feel old all at the same time. I think I am just as nervous about his first day of High School as he is. Here are a few tips that I did to make transitioning from summer to a school schedule a little easier. This post may contain some affiliate links.

Sleep Routine

The joys of staying up late on summer nights. I am afraid that we have to get back into a routine of going to bed earlier. My oldest son is now 14, and in order for him to get enough sleep at night I set a bed-time of 10pm. Since today is his first day of school, we started going to bed earlier last week. I’m afraid there are no more nights of staying up late.

Clothing Choices

I want to minimize the amount of decision-making in our morning routine. Laying our clothing choices out the night before, really helps decrease decision-making in the morning. I don’t know about your kids, but I believe there is something called “teenager-brain”. Making decisions early in the morning isn’t good if your child suffers from “teenager brain” like my child does. (enter sarcasm).

Book Bag & Lunch

Just like our clothing choices, the book bag should be packed a ready to go the night before. All of their supplies should be packed and properly labeled with your child’s name.  Whether your child packs their lunch or buys lunch at school, I would recommend to have everything ready to go the night before. Make sure that your child either has a good nutritional meal already packed, or money available for your child to be able to purchase their lunch. I’m not headed to the ATM in the morning.

First Day of School

Try your best to enjoy this time. Taking photos is definitely a smart way to document these memories. I see a lot of people holding signs with a few details about the day and their grade with photos that typically document the first day of school and the last day of school. Unfortunately, my son refuses to take pictures. So I do have to try to sneak some pictures while he isn’t looking.



Staying organized is key for a successful year. My son is lucky that he attends a school that provide a daily planner. If your child’s school doesn’t offer this tool, I would highly recommend getting a planner. A daily planner is a tool that everyone can use to keep their daily routine and homework assignments a little more organized. I also typically have a stack of sheet protectors on hand at home too. Your child should have a paper schedule of their different subjects and classes. I use sheet protectors to help keep their schedules looking new, until they start to memorize everything.


Here a few supplies that I highly recommend to keep your child a little more organized. Simply click the picture to shop. 



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