Tips for Organizing your Home

Trying to keep an organized home has something that I’ve been trying to achieve ever since I moved out on my own. Now that I live in a small house with 5 family members, it’s more important than ever to have an organized home. Today’s post, I wanted to give everyone some tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way to keep my home a little more organized. I will certainly admit that I’m not perfect and do not strive for perfection, but I do always strive to make things better than before.

Area of Focus and Time Management

This is something that I have truly struggled with for years. There are certain area’s that require more “up-keep” than other area’s. Example: basement storage, linen closet, and the kitchen cabinets. If I tried tackling all of these projects at the same time, or did a little “here” and did a little “there”. Some of my projects wouldn’t get accomplished.  I will admit that sometimes I can be a little scatter brained and desire to tackle several different projects at the same time. As time has gone on, I have trained myself (it wasn’t easy) to not let my thoughts drift to other projects, until what I’m working on, is complete.  I also make sure to schedule time to dedicate for more in-depth tasks. At the beginning of the week I will typically take a look at my schedule and schedule days and times to complete certain projects. I know, that doesn’t sound too exciting. But you will be glad you did when you’re slowly checking projects off your to-do list.

Pro Tip: set a 15 minute timer and tackle organizing a junk drawer. You will be surprised how much you can tackle if you take just 15 minutes every day to tackle something.



Purge— not like the movie. But purge your things. And be ruthless!! Living in a small home with 5 people, I have learned to let go of items we no longer need. I’m constantly going through clothing, things that are broken, and kids toys that we no longer use or need. I also constantly sort through home decorations. I typically set a rule that if we haven’t used something between 6 months to a year, than we really don’t need it.  I used to hold onto all kinds of things from the past that hold sentimental value. After living and moving around, and carrying all these items with me. Within the past few years, I’ve learned to let some of those things go. I can share a little more about this topic on another post, but every family member in our house has 1 container that is designated for sentimental items. If it can’t fit it in the box, we typically won’t keep it.

Sort Like Items

Items that belong together, need to be organized together. I have an example for you. I drink coffee every day. I used to have my coffee grinds organized in a pretty glass jar right next to where I keep flour, sugar, etc. After we updated our Kitchen, I decided to stop using this glass jar, and simply store my coffee in its prepackaged container in a drawer right next to the coffee maker. It made so much sense to organize items that went with each other.  Just think of things that belong together, need to be sorted and stored together. I know that’s not possible for everything, but if you can think outside of the box you will be surprised what you can achieve. You will love everything being a little more functional and streamlined.

Everything Has a Home

Anytime I organize a project, I make sure that everything has a home. Setting up organizing systems that work for your space and your items does take time, however, it’s so worth it when you know exactly where everything is. The picture below shows that all of our shoes have designated spots right by our side door. Setting up this system did take a little time along with some trial and error, but it makes me happy when my 2-year-old knows exactly where to find his shoes. It also makes me happy coming home and not seeing all of our shoes piled up on the floor.


Shop Your Home for Organizing Tools & Items

I have been organizing all of my spaces for a long time. Over time I have collected a pretty large assortment of baskets and bins throughout the years. Most of my baskets and bins have been put to good use, however, there are projects that a bin/basket is no longer needed after purging a few items. This bin/basket will get tucked away somewhere in the basement until another project comes along where I can put it to good use again. I will typically shop my basement first before heading to the store.  Organizing tools don’t necessarily mean that it has to be a pretty basket, bin, or glass jar that you’ve purchased somewhere. I once, and still to this date have all of my painting supplies organized in old shoe boxes. Finding an empty box that works for your space is certainly a budget friendly option where you can organize some of your loose items. I’ve seen plenty of other bloggers using banker boxes to house some of their clothing items in their closets. I’ve also used gallon size zip-lock bags to organize like items in a junk drawer.


Purchase With Intention

The best way to keep your home more organized is to control the amount of items you bring into your home. This means that it’s a little better to have a designated plan when purchasing items for either decorating, wall decor, pillows, furniture, etc. I typically ask myself these questions before making a purchase.

  1. Do I truly need it?
  2. Do I have a plan for this item?
  3. Do I have space for this item?
  4. Is this item made of good quality materials?
  5. Is this item classic and timeless that will easily transition into other spaces?
  6. Does purchasing this item work for my budget?

I still have times when I impulsively purchase something on a trip to Target, however, I still try my best to stick to a designated plan.




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