Tips for Decorating on a Budget

Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an unlimited amount of funds within our budget to decorate our home. If I had an unlimited amount funds, I could really make some of our spaces completely epic!! A girl can certainly dream!!! To be completely honest, most of my decorating and updates are typically all accomplished on a tight budget. Today’s post I wanted to give everyone a few tips on how to decorate on a tight budget.


If updating your home is a priority, you need to budget for it. Even it’s setting aside 20$ a month or per pay check, make sure to set money aside to accomplish your goals. In our home we are lucky to have 2 incomes. One income is typically dedicated to paying the bills and all the necessities for our home, while the other income is dedicated to saving and making purchases both big and small for updating our home. Basically, if you desire to decorate and update your space, you need to make a plan and budget for it!


DIY—— Do it Yourself!

Doing projects on our own has saved us a lot of money to accomplish some of the updates within our home. We have tackled some major projects over the years that could have really busted our budget by thousands of dollars, however, tackling projects ourselves has saved us so much money. One major item that comes to mind for an example, was our butcher block counter-top that we replaced when we updated our kitchen. If your interested in viewing more on our kitchen, you can check that out here and here. When we updated our kitchen, I did check around to see if we could have a professional install our butcher block counter-top for us, because it was certainly an intimidating project. We did get a quote on how much it would cost, and that quote came in to around 1500.00. We both looked at each other like—- wait—- what??? That costs more to have it installed than the actual butcher block counter-top itself. In the end we installed the butcher block counter-top ourselves and saved that 1500.00 for something else.


Selling Items Online

A great way to budget for updates or decorations throughout your home is to earn money by selling some of your items online. The past few months we have sold a few items online that has certainly off-set some of the costs that are associated with updating our home. When we updated our kitchen we sold our old stove/oven online to help pay for a new one. In our living room, I had a media cabinet that I no longer liked and wanted it gone. Selling our media cabinet has helped me get rid of piece of furniture that no longer worked for our space and gave me a few extra dollars for me to purchase a few new items for our living room. Even when I no longer like my items within my home, that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t love them. Let someone else have a turn with that piece of furniture while giving me a couple extra bucks to purchase what I really want.


Second Hand Finds

This goes right along with what I said above. When someone else are selling items online, maybe they no longer like the piece of furniture, but I do!! Finding second-hand pieces of furniture or home decorations is an awesome way to update your space on a tight budget. You can really be surprised what you can find (at really great prices) when looking for second-hand items. Here are a few options to obtain some second-hand pieces.

  • Online— The Facebook Market place and Craigslist are great ways to find second-hand items for cheap
  • Flea Markets
  • Yard Sales
  • Estate Sales
  • Consignment Shops


Making Purchases Over Time

Completely re-decorating every year and for each season is just not practical. It’s not practical for the environment (just being wasteful of materials) and it’s not practical if your on a tight budget. Instead I would recommend to make purchases over time. I will give you an example. I absolutely love decorating for Fall. One of the ways that I typically decorate for Fall is by adding faux pumpkins throughout my home. My budget cannot afford to buy multiples of faux pumpkins all at once, so instead I have collected faux pumpkins over time. Each year I will purchase just a few pumpkins to add to my already excisitng stash. I have done the same with pretty much all decorations in our home. I search for items that are classic and timeless and made of good quality materials that will last for many years.


I hope this helps you create a home that you love, while on a tight budget.



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