DIY Removable Wall-paper

Happy Hump Day Everyone!! I wanted to share some of my thoughts on removable— peel & stick wall-paper. If your new around here, I shared a couple months ago that I added some temporary peel and stick wall paper to my side entrance. Even though I never truly had any experience with hanging any type of wallpaper, I still thought it was pretty easy. I wanted to share my thoughts on a full review, but for a full true review—– involves the process of removing it!

Here is the original peel and stick wallpaper that I snagged from Target while it was on sale. If your interested in checking out the blog post about it a few months ago, I have it linked– here. Lets take a look at a before image.


These pictures really don’t do the wall-paper justice because in person, they look so textured that you would think that it’s real. I loved the shiplap look, however I did crave for something with a little more contrast.

The Removing Process

Removing the peel-stick wall paper was pretty easy, just like peeling off a sticker. Almost all of the wallpaper came off without damaging the wall/paint underneath. I had maybe 2 small spots (in the corners mainly) where the wall paper took some of the paint off the wall. Even though some of the paint came off the wall, it was still worth it and I would totally do it again. Your in luck because I did!!!

New Removable Wallpaper

I came across this Watercolor Buffalo Check Wallpaper  from the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines. I was able to snag a couple rolls for a pretty good price off of Amazon.


How to Apply

Prior to applying my wall paper, I made sure to remove the wall plates for light switches and my jacket-hooks next to our side door. If you have any wall décor hanging on the walls, make sure to remove and plan accordingly.


This wallpaper is a little different versus the peel and stick wallpaper. I started by measuring and doing what’s called a dry fitting. Basically where I hang the wall paper in place— trim my paper to fit the space while leaving a little excess. Once I’ve done my dry-fit, I complete the next step— which is called “Booking” the paper. Booking your wallpaper is basically activating the adhesive. I laid my dry-fit paper on the floor, (using a spray bottle) spritz the entire backside of the wallpaper and fold it on itself for a few minutes (without putting a crease in the paper).


After this set for a few minutes, the paper was ready to be applied to the wall. I made sure to keep the spray bottle close by, because the paper adhered to the wall so much better with a few more mistings with water. I also kept a razor close by to trim the edges for a clean look. Each sheet of paper that’s applied to the wall, I would definetly complete a dry-fitting first. Just to make sure your pattern properly lines up.


I wanted a little more contrast within my space, and this certainly provided. I absouletly love the end result! The best part— is that it’s easily removable whenever I have the itch to change things around again.



Having removable wallpaper is such a good option if your someone like me, and like to changes things around often. This is also a great option if your a renter and you don’t want to settle for stark and blank walls. I hope you guys can go add a little flair to your walls!!!

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