Slipcovered Wing-Back Chair

Happy Wednesday!! I shared my Fall Home Tour¬†, a couple of days ago and I’m so excited that it is actually starting to feel like Fall outside. I absolutely love cool weather where you can crawl on the couch with a nice cozy blanket. Anyway, if you guys did get a chance to check out my last blog post I revealed my latest project around here, and that was my slip-covered wing-back chair. Ever since I purchased our couch for our living room, I truly have never added an accent chair. The living room has had a few options as the years have passed, like my childhood hardwood rocking chair that wasn’t too comfortable. We purchased a nursery glider chair when I was expecting my daughter, that eventually shifting from the kids room to the living room. I had actually planned on making a slip-cover for that glider, but unfortunately the chair broke!! So I had to come up with a plan. I couldn’t find anything new that I liked, and mind you I had set a budget of about 100 dollars. You really can’t get a nice sturdy chair for under a 100$ anyway. So that’s when I decided on purchasing a second-hand chair that I could slip-cover.

Facebook Market Place

Have any of you used this feature on Facebook?? It’s really similar to Craigslist. You can list your items with a few photos, a description, and list your price. Using the Facebook Market is actually a little easier than using Craigslist. I’ve sold a few items using the Facebook Market place and it truly is easy. When you want to find a piece of furniture or item on the Facebook market place, you simply type in the search word in the search bar.¬† I searched for a Wing-Back Chair, and several options in my local area popped right up. I narrowed it down to 1 chair and got in contact with the seller and set up a day, time, and place for me to look at this chair. I have a list of items that needs to be checked whenever I purchase second-hand furniture, especially something that you’re gonna sit in.

  • Did the chair come from a smoke free home?
  • Free of major stains?
  • Free of a strong odor?
  • Is it Sturdy?
  • Is it comfortable?

If this chair checked off all of these boxes, than I was gonna purchase it—– which I did for 30$. I originally set a budget for 100$ and I got it for 30$. Granted it did need a little work, but I had already planned on making a slipcover for it. I could have completely re-upholstered the chair, however that’s a really hard task to accomplish. Lets just say, I may or may not have an antique chair in our basement that I re-upholstered, and this said antique chair may or may not be finished. And this antique chair has been sitting down there for many years. Maybe one day I will eventually finish it and share it here.

Prep Work

When I brought the chair home, the first thing I did was give this chair a good cleaning. I have a wet vacuum, that I used the hand-held attachment and completely washed and cleaned the chair. I also made sure to scrub the legs with soap and water to get off any grime or dirt. After I cleaned everything and let it dry, it was time to decide on a fabric for my chair. I decided on a neutral duck fabric in a linen color. After I got my fabric home, I made sure to pre-wash my fabric in order for everything to pre-shrink. I would have hated to make this slip-cover for me to eventually wash it, for it to shrink. All the other blog posts and tutorials I read about making a slip-cover also suggested this step as well. The fabric I selected was a really thick, canvas type material. After I washed my fabric it came out of my washer really wrinkly. Thanks to our steamer, I was able to get most of the wrinkles out. Here is one of the blog post tutorials, that helped me with this whole project.

How to:

I have my own sewing machine and use it often to sew pillow covers and other items for the home. I do have experience working with a sewing machine, but I will fully admit that I am no master seamstress. Everything that I do know about my sewing machine and how to sew, is basically self taught with watching several You-Tube video’s. Let’s take a peak at the chair, before.


Everything I read, basically suggested that I lay my fabric (facedown if you have to worry with a pattern or design) and pin panels of fabric that follow along all of the seams.


Each panel of fabric I used, I just basically held it against my chair and cut out it’s pattern and shape while having each piece roughly 1 inch larger all the way around. Having the 1 inch larger piece of fabric will allow you to pin each panel together, and sew your seam with plently of fabric. All of the seams I sewed, I sewed it twice—first with a straight stich and second with a zig-zag stich to make sure that all my seams are re-enforced.


I learned really quickly, that you don’t want to pin a bunch of seams, and then try to sew all of your seams at one time. It’s best that you pin one seam, and then sew one seam at a time. I know that does seem time consuming and tedious, but in the end you will have a better fitting slipcover because you took your time.

The Finished Project


If you noticed I did leave the very bottom edge a rough edge. I did this purposely to have a more relaxed look. My slip-cover certainly isn’t perfect, but I still love it. It’s so much better than before.

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