Casual Friday – Vol 1

Welcome to my Casual Friday Series! For Casual Friday’s, I wanted this to be a place where I share other blogs that I love and admire along with a few items and products that either I recently purchased or keeping an eye on. I also wanted this to be a place to talk about a few things that’s going on for me personally and about life in general. So welcome to my new Casual Friday Series!

Blogs that I Currently Love

When I joined Instagram a few months ago, it opened up a whole world of bloggers that I hadn’t seen before. One person in particular that I have been loving recently is Erin at Cotton Stem. I typically get my daily dose of Erin on her Instagram account and frequently visit her blog. I absolutely love her style and her home. Her home and blog has all kinds of inspiration from wall décor, motherhood and her vintage finds. Another blog that I frequently visit is Nesting with Grace—- this blog has all kinds of inspiration with home décor and small space living. I’ve been dying to find a spot to do her little famous trick— called “Magic Light Trick“. This trick is basically where you take a wall light sconce and mount it pretty much anywhere in your home without worrying about it being hardwired. She places a small battery operated light in the wall sconce for the light source. I’ve had my eye on a few different wall sconce options—here and here .

This Weekend

I am a little excited about this weekend. There is a Vintage Market that’s happening close by that I am just really excited about. I am hopeful to find a few options that I can bring home and share with everyone. I’ve been to several Vintage Markets before, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve been to one. I’m someone who actually really loves going to second-hand stores (which I go to frequently) but going to a Vintage Market is just an explosion of second-hand vintage goodness that really gets me excited. I guess it has something to do with me being able to find something unique — and maybe for a really good price. I will be sure to share this weekend on my Instagram.

This Website

I was really excited to come across Using this website allowed me to create a logo for my website and do it for free. My hope— is to eventually be a recognizable brand that people frequently stop by my blog and shop. If you’re in the market for developing a logo you can do it at


My shop

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but I did change the name to my shop. It was the Graceful Pillow Shop—— and I simply changed it to Making Chaos Graceful. I didn’t want to limit my shop to just pillows because I make wreaths and artwork. I recently added a wreath to the shop—- if your interested, you can check it out— here.


I also added a new pillow cover that is probably my favorite one yet. It has a classic design and such high quality fabric.


Fashion Finds that I am Loving

This may contain affiliate links. Making Chaos Graceful may use affiliate links to share products that we have purchased or love. By buying products through my affiliated links, is a way for me to make a small commission and does not mean that you will pay more for your product.

I hope you enjoy today’s post and look forward to more Casual Friday’s!!



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