Space Saving Ideas

Good Morning! Having less stuff and decluttering are probably the most cost-effective and main recommendations when looking to save space. How your store your items are also an essential aspect for saving space.

Functional Furniture

Furniture that serves a purpose and/or offers storage is something that everyone can easily do to save space. The use of storage ottomans can be both a functional and stylish option when looking for functional furniture. Ottomans can pretty much go anywhere, from your entryway, your bedroom, and your living room.

Pro Tip: By adding wooden stoles next to the couch ———they not only serve as a side table for the couch, but also serve as extra seat when the occasion is needed.


Drawer Organization

Believe it or not, how things are stored in each individual drawer makes a really big difference. It doesn’t matter which drawer we are talking about either—- from your junk drawer, kitchen drawers, and of course all of your dresser drawers. The best part about how you place your items in each drawer is that it’s free!! In the drawer below, we were able to store more clothing articles in each drawer simply by changing how we folded and placed everything in the drawer. If your interested in learning more about folding and storing your clothing, you can read more about that, here.


Take Advantage of Unexpected Places

  • behind furniture
  • under the couch
  • under the bed

Using under bed space has been something I’ve done for a long time. Having the right type of bin and container that properly fits under your bed makes all the difference.


Use of Vertical Space

Taking advantage of vertical space is certainly a space-saving idea. Vertical space can be used in many different areas within your home—- adding shelves can be both stylish and functional in just about any room, from your living room, bathroom, to the kitchen. If your interested in how I built these shelves, you can check that out, here.


Purchase The Right Organizational Tools

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