Ballon Garland — DIY

Happy Wednesday!! A few weeks ago we celebrated my sons 3rd birthday. I made a balloon garland to be a decoration and a back drop for some cute pictures. I’ve been seeing balloon garlands pop up all over Pinterest. There are so many cute options— and given the fact that my son really loves balloons, I wanted to make one for him.

Materials Needed:

  • balloon pump
  • balloons between 4-7 different colors
  • string or fishing line
  • low temp glue (optional)



I started by pumping multiple balloons—– all in various sizes. Some balloons were full, half full, and only a 1/4 full.


Once I had several balloons filled, I started by tying clusters of balloons together—- I simply tied the tail end of each balloon together.


After I had several cluster’s of balloons of 4’s and 3’s (with varying colors) I started attaching all of the cluster’s together with string. I wrapped the string around and tied knot’s with each cluster. I made sure that everything was tied together tightly.

Low temp glue could be used to attach the cluster’s together—- as another option versus using string. 


After everything was tied together, I was able to hang my balloon garland with some command hooks.


I did this little project while the birthday boy was napping. Her certainly loved it when he woke up.


The best thing about these balloon garland’s— are that they can easily be moved to a different spot if you desire.


This was an easy project to tackle in a small amount of time, not to mention it being budget friendly. These balloon garlands can be used for birthday’s, baby showers, parties, wedding shower’s, etc.


I mean— look at that face!! He sure is cute! Happy Birthday to my little man.



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