DVD Organization

Anybody else get excited about an organizing project??? I certainly do! The best part about completing an organizing project—– is having an end result that looks great, functional, and stream lines what ever it is you’re doing. For me, that project was organizing my DVD’s. I don’t know about any of you, but we watch movies frequently in our house. Over the years we have gathered quite a collection, and not just movies we only watch once. We watch most of our movies on a regular basis. The only down side of collecting a lot of movies is having to store them. I know— that’s such a first world problem to have (for which I am grateful to have this problem) I still needed to come up with an organizing solution.

DVD Storage Options

It seemed like such a waste of space to organize the DVD’s in their original cases/packages. I searched for solutions for proper DVD storage that looked great and most important, something that was functional. That’s when I stumbled on a DVD storage container from my favorite store—– The Container Store!


Thank Goodness that The Container Store has so many great options. The option that stuck out the most was this– acrylic 120 Disc storage container


This storage box can hold up to 120 DVD’s. I bought 4 and was pretty much able to condense our entire Movie Collection into these storage boxes. I know it might sound crazy to have a storage capacity to hold over 400 DVD’s—– but we are big movies fans.

Sorting My DVD’s

I had to make a decision on how to sort our very large movie collection. There a few different options that you could go with.

  • Sort and File everything in alphabetical order
  • Sort and File everything by the movie rating——- (G, PG, PG-13, & R)
  • Sort and File everything by like movies. This was the option we decided to go with.

I sorted everything into 4 large piles 

  • Kids Movies
  • Family and Action
  • Adult Movies
  • Super-hero Movies

I made sure to put labels on each container. I do plan to change these labels in order to make them look a little “prettier” —- but my main concern was making sure that this system was functional.


Each DVD slides into a sleeve, with each sleeve numbered up to 120. Once I place everything in each container, I ended up just tossing all of the empty DVD cases.


I also made sure to make a chart/checklist —- in order to keep track of what movie goes in which sleeve. I place my checklist in a sheet protector sleeve in order to keep my checklist looking good.


Just in case you desire to organize your movie collection, just as I did—– I have a printable for you. Check it out below.

DVD Organization List — Free printable 

I’ve had these acrylic storage boxes for several years now and can certainly attest that these are very high quality. I’ve absolutely loved having this system in place where I can store twice as much in a fraction of the amount of space.

Happy Organizing!!







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